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BobDenver Gilligan's Trial

by nANCI mEEK 5/98 (to the Gilligan's Island Theme song) for music

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale

A tale of a bummer trip

That started when Bob Denver gave the cops a little lip (he dropped his roach clip)

THEN Bob drove off to see Maryanne

Had the munchies that's fer shure

Five bong hits he'd had earlier

A coconut pie would be the cure (Maryanne's Pie would be the cure)

SFX (Police Siren)

The cops they started getting rough

"Little Buddy" he was tossed

The Hollywood cops were determined to see

His driver's license lost (his driver's license lost)

Not much work in thirty years

His career a cast away

Poor Gilligan! The Skipper's dead!

So is the Millionaire and his wife

He's not a movie star

And Maryanne - On Pro Ba Tion

And all on Gilligan's Isle


And now I think we know my friends

Why the Castaways always smiled

And didn't try all that hard

To be rescued from Gilligan's Isle

Gilligan on set of Cast Away with Tom Hanks

Gilligan's Maui-Wowee (my TV script parody of Gilligan's Island) and a bunch of other facts and trivia on the cast and crew of Gilligans Island....find out where the professor got all of those fancy gadgets and why Ginger never ran out of something NEW to wear.

The cast of NBC's "Down Home"

Hungry for Maryanne's Coconut Pie? Check this out

Hey did you know that the pond where Gilligan's Island was filmed in on the same lot where Roseanne, Mary Tyler Moore, Falcon Crest, 30 Something, Newhart were shot. Yeah, MTM on Radford in Studio City. Unless that Gaffer lied to me......

Hey Dawn Wells?Can't wait to leave the Island? Need DirectionS

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