Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles


by nANCI mEEK 6/99 (to Paul Revere's "Indian Reservation") for MUSIC

They took the whole Indian Nation Put Gambling on the reservation

Gambling is a Harmless vice - Spin roulette wheels and rolling dice

UN-til the Fat lady has sung - Teach blackjack dealing to our young

We'll keep on screwing Uncle Sam - Our slot machines made in Japan

Indian People! Casino Tribes

They passed 1A! We will survive!

They took every Indian Nation - put slot machines on reservations

We don't sell jewelry by the road - We're workin' hard to make Vegas fold

Indian People! Casino Tribes!

They passed 1A! We will survive!

And maybe now Vegas will learn - And it's fi-nally our turn

Be our turn, Be our turn, Be our turn.................

Indian Gaming

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Joseph Meek and White Cloud (Virginia Meek)

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