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PETA Paul and Linda McCartney

by nANCI mEEK 8/99
(to the tune "When I'm 64")

McCartney is older, losing his hair
Doesn't have Mad Cow
Takes his metamucil has his Ora-fix
Makin' sure his blood presures checked
Lennon is dead and we're left with three
Beatles still alive
We will still need them
We will still love them
When we're Sixty-five
George is older too
And if you change the words
Someone just might sue (My Sweet Lord....He's So Fine...)

Ringo is older - a ring in his ear
Conducts the choo choo Train
Will the Gingko help to remember to pee
Collecting royalties from Yellow Submarine
On the TV everyday until three
Grandkids think he's great
A nose for show business
Stopped drinkin' Guiness
Watchin' his prostrate

Every summer is a bummer ever since John Lennon died (imagine  him alive)

Yoko's boobs sag too
Tragedies brought them to their knees
Linda, John and Stu

Pauland Ringo still looking fine
Keepin' in good shape
Watchin' their cholesterol and salt intake
Vegie diets and tofu steaks

When will they tour?
Hope it's real soon
While we're still alive
We'll always love them
We'll always need them
When we're sixty-five


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