Downers Are A Girls Best Friend For Music

by nANCI mEEK 6/94 (To the tune Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend)

INTRO: The Kennedy's would kill for love. These men can be so cruel
But I concur they're trying to - Protect the family jewels..

  The press can be mean and so judgemental
     Downers are a girls best friend
    When ball players won't playwrite
a wife can go mental
       The boys hit the mat -
reach for the bat and rat-a-tat
     Hoovers got you bugged,
The mob has you mugged
And nobody wants to get popped
       But blue ones or green ones -
I'm under sedation...
Downers are a girls best friend

Qualudes! Yellow Jackets!  Black Beauties,
pink ladies, talk to me Mr. Noguchi,
tell the grand jury all about it!)

There may come a time when the
studios won't want you
  Downers are a girls best friend
  You'll be a Misfit when your wardrobe
won't fit and you forget.....
your lines OMIT from the script
 If you want to live then Somethings Gotta Give
and a press conference might do the trick
 It's then that those louses
go back to the White House
           Bennies are a girls best friend

  The Coroners report declared death
by suicide
It wasn't the pills and the booze
Cops kept it quiet and Bobby denied it
      He had the juice,
hide all the clues and you won't lose
     The Kennedy's grew pale
- when MoMo tried blackmail
        But they all took a slug in the end
           But red, white and blue ones
I died for my nation
Not the Kennedys!
I'd rather be stoned!  
.........best friend!



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