Bobby's Drunk!

By nANCI mEEk (c) 11/97(to the "Brady Bunch Theme")
Here's a story 'bout a Dad named Brady
Who was busy with a lifestyle of his own
  He enjoyed men living all together
      and yet he died alone

  Here's the story 'bout a kid named Brady
  Who was busy with a six pack of his own
   He was working as a cameraman
    on CBS's Promised Land

   Till the one day when this drunken little fella
     Bobby Brady'd had a keg or two for lunch
      rolled his car and drove into a valley
     Utah police pulled him over on the hunch
       ...Bobby's Drunk
       ...Bobby's Drunk
       Marsha!  Marsha!  Bobby's Drunk!

You need Java to see this applet.Marsha!Marsha!Marsha!

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Bobby's DUI Report (Dad's gonna be mad about this one!)


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