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More and more seniors are starting for the first time to purchase, use and enjoy their computers and computer related equipment. A problem arises when they read descriptions of the equipment they wish to purchase and the descriptions contain abbreviations, which to a senior may be confusing. Rather than searching through the complete Babel Glossary for help with these abbreviations, the SENIOR FOLDER has been created. It contains abbreviations seen in recent newspaper and magazine ads where seniors are likely to read about their intended purchases. Covered include such areas as Computers, Televisions, Monitors, Hard Drives, Disk Drives and Disks, Printers, Cameras, Recorders, Cell Phones, PDAs, Scanners, Speakers and more.
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AAC	  Advanced Audio Coding
ADO	  ActiveX Data Objects
AGP	  Advanced Graphics Port
AIFF	  Audio Interchange File Format
AIO	  All-In-One
AM	  Amplitude Modulation
AMD	  Advanced Micro Devices (company)
AMPS	  Advanced Mobile Phone Service + Amplifiers
AOL	  America Online
API	  Application Program Interface
APR	  Annual Percentage Rate
ARC	  Acoustic Resonance Control
ARV	  Average Retail Value
ASF	  Advanced Streaming Format
ASP	  Authorized Service Provider
ATA	  Advanced Technology Attachment
ATAPI	  Advanced Technology Atachment Packet Interface
ATG	  All-Terrain Grade [Dell]
ATSC	  Advanced Television Systems Committee
ATX	  Advanced Technology Extended
A/V	  Audio & Video (output)
BIOS	  Basic Input/Output System
BIT	  Binary Digit
BLOG	  Web Log
BMP	  Batch Message Processing Program
.BMP	  Bitmap (file name extension)
BYTE	  Binary Element String
CCD	  Charged-Coupled Device
CD	  Compact Disk
CD-DA	  Compact Disk - Digital Audio
CD-E	  Compact Disk - Erasable
CD+G	  Compact Disk plus Graphics
CD-I      Compact Disk - Interactive
CD-R	  Compact Disk - Recordable
CR-ROM	  Compact Disk - Read Only Memory
CD-RW	  Compact Disk - Rewritable
CD-V	  Compact Dist - Video
CD-WO     Compact Disk - Write Once
CEA	  Consumer Electronics Association
CF	  Compact Flash
CMOS	  Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
.COM	  Command (file name extension)
COMBO	  Combination
CPU	  Central Processing Unit
CRT	  Cathode Ray Tube
dB	  Decibel
DBBS	  Dynamic Bass Boost System
DCIM	  Digital Camera Image +
	  Discrete Complex Image Method
DDC	  Direct Digital Controls
DDR	  Double Data Rate
DDS	  Digital Data Storage
DIR	  Directory
DLP	  Digital Light Processing
DOM	  Document Object Model
DP	  Data Processing + Dot Pitch
DPI	  Dots Per Inch  
DPOF	  Digital Print Order Form
DRAM	  Dynamic Random Access Memory
DRCMF	  Digital Reality Creation Multi Function [Sony]
DRM	  Digital Rights Management
DSLR	  Digital Single Lens Reflex (camera)
DSP	  Digital Signal Processing
DTS	  Digital Theatre System +
	  Digital Transceiving System
DTV	  Digital Television
DVC	  Digital Video Camera/Cassette + Dual Voice Coil
DVD	  Digital Video Disk
DVI	  Digital Video Interface
DVR	  Digital Video Recorder + Digital Voice Recorder
ECC	  Error Correcting Code
EDTV	  Enhanced Definition Television
EIDE	  Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics
ELPH	  Entry Level PowerShot [Canon]
EOS	  Electro-Optical System [Canon]
EPROM	  Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
ESP	  Estimated Selling Price
EVDO	  Evolution-Data Only (Broadband Access)
EWTS	  Enterprise Web Training System
FAX	  Facsimile
FAQ	  Frequently Asked Question
FHSS	  Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum
FM	  Frequency Modulation
FSB	  Front Side Bus
FTP	  File Transfer Protocol
GHZ	  Gigahertz
GIF	  Graphics Interchange Format
GPS	  Global Positioning System
GSM	  Global System for Mobile Communications +
	  Groupe Special Mobile (French)
GUID	  Globally Unique Identifier
HD	  Hard Drive
HDCP	  High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection
	  High Definition Copy Protocol
HDMI	  High-Definition Multimedia Interface
HDR	  High Dynamic Range (photography)
HDTV	  High-Definition Television
HP	  Hewlett-Packard (company)
HTML	  Hypertext Markup Language
Hz	  Hertz
ID	  Identification
I/O	  Input/Output
ISAPS	  Intelligent Scene Analysis based on 
	  Photographic Space [Canon]
ISO	  International Standards Organization
ISP	  Internet Service Provider
JPEG	  Joint Photographic Experts Group
Kbps	  Kilobits Per Second
KBps	  Kilobytes Per Second
LAN	  Local Area Network
LBS	  Pounds
LCD	  Liquid Crystal Display
LCOS	  (LCoS) Liquid Crystal on Silicon
MAX	  Maximum
MB	  Megabyte (1,024 Kilobytes)
Mbps	  Megabits Per Second
MHZ	  Megahertz
MIC	  Microphone
MIDI	  Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MIMO	  Multiple Input, Multiple Output
MM	  Millimeter
MMC	  Multimedia Card
MODEM	  Modulator/Demodulator
MOSFET	  Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
	  Field-Effect Transistor
MP	  Megapixel
MP3	  Moving Pictures Experts Group Audio Layer 3
HPC	  High Performance Computing
MPEG	  Moving Pictures Experts Group
MSN	  Microsoft Network
MSPR	  Manufacturer's Suggested Price
NIC	  Network Interface Card
NOAA	  National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration
NTSC	  National Television Standards Committee
OAM	  Object Allocation Map
OCR	  Optical Character Recognition
OIS	  Optical Image Stabilizer
OS	  Operating System
PALC	  Plasma-Addressed Liquid Crystal (display)
PBP	  Picture-By-Picture
PC	  Personal Computer
PCN	  Personal Computer Network
PDA	  Personal Digital Assistant
PDF	  Portable Document File
PIM	  Personal Information Manager
PIP	  Personal Identity Provider +
	  Personal Information Portal +
PIXEL	  Picture Element
PK	  Pack
PMP	  Personal/Portable Multimedia Player
PNG	  Portable Network Graphics
POP	  Post Office Protocol
PPM	  Pages Per Minute
PSC	  Personal Super Computer + 
	  Product Service Center
PTT	  Push To Talk
QAM	  Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
QVGA	  Quarter Video Graphics Array
QWAVE	  Quality Windows Audio/Video 
	  Experience [Microsoft]
RAM	  Random Access Memory
RFID	  Radio Frequency Identification
RIM	  Research In Motion (company)
RMS	  Record Management Services
ROM	  Read Only Memory
RPM	  Revolutions Per Minute
SACD	  Super Audio Compact Disk
SATA	  Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
SBS	  Small Business Server
SCI	  Serial Communications Interface                                         
SCSI	  Small Computer Systems Interface
SDIO	  Secure digital Input/Output
SDMI	  Compliant Secure Digital Music Initiative
SDMMC	  Secure Digital Multi Media Card
SDRAM	  Synchronous DRAM
SDTV	  Standard Definition Television
SIMM	  Single In-Line Memory Module
SLP	  Super Long Play
SLR	  Single Lens Reflex
SP2	  Service Pack 2 (Windows XP)
SPVA	  Super Patterned Vertical Alignment
SQL	  Structured Query Language
SRS	  Sound Retrieval System
SVCD	  Super Video Compact Disk
SVGA	  Super Video Graphics Array
SVHS	  Super VHS
SVIDEO	  Separate Video
SXGA	  Super Extended Graphics Array
SXRD	  Silicon Crystal Reflective Display
TFT	  Thin-Film Transistor
THD	  Total Harmonic Distortion
TIFF	  Tagged Image File Format
TTL	  Through The Lens
TTS	  Text To Speech
TV	  Television
UART	  Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
UMD	  Universal Media Disk
UMPC	  Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer
UPS	  Uninterruptible Power Supply
URL	  Uniform Resource Locator
USB	  Universal Serial Bus
UWB	  Ultra-Wide Band
VCD	  Video Compact Disk
VCR	  Video Cassette Recorder
VGA	  Video Graphics Array
VHF	  Very High Frequency
VHS	  Very High Speed
VIS	  Visable Image Size
VOIP	  Voice Over Internet Protocol
VOX	  Voice Operated
VR	  Virtual Reality
WAAS	  Wide Area Augmentation System
WAN	  Wide Area Network
WAV	  Waveform Audio
W3C	  World Wide Web Consortium
W/C	  Watts Per Channel
WCG	  Wide Color Gamut
WIFI	  (Wi-Fi) Wireless Fidelity
WIN/MAC	  Windows/Macintosh
WMA	  Windows Media Audio
WOW	  Window On Windows
WWW	  World Wide Web
XGA	  Extended Graphics Array
XHMD	  X-Directed Horizontal Magnetic Dipole
XP	  Extreme Performance
XSLT	  Extensible Stylesheet Transformation
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