भारतीय सुदूर संवेदना व भौगोलिक सूचना प्रणाली संस्था
Indian Institute of Remote Sensing & GIS
   Since year 2012, we  introduced lots of  innovative quality products to cater to different application sectors like
  • Defense
  • Power
  • Communication &
  • Railways ........

     We use innovative management techniques and philosophies, including Focus Work Centers, to maintain top quality and high output. We can be your reliable partner for any of your custom need for test & measuring equipment and security Equipment & integrated systems.

We serves a broad range of embedded vertical markets  including
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Education
  • Electronics Design / Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Industrial Automation
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical Devices
  • Military
  • Semiconductor and
  • Telecom/Datacom.

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