Bridge of Culture

2. About Korea (1)

Greetings with traditional clothing of Korea

(1). Development of National culture

Korea today, which is rapidly changing due to industrialization, has a unique cultural tradition in her background. I, somtimes, heard that Korean culture is quite similar to those of China and Japen. However, she has unique characteristics which are quite different from theirs. Korean culture developed by facing the different cultures of adjacent countries based on Confucianism, Buddhism and local customs.
In the 20th centry, national tragedy such as the Japanese rule, the Korean War, and the division of Korea changed our traditional culture a great deal. Especially in recent years, the influx of foreign culture, especially from the West and Japan, and rapid economic growth have caused cultural conflict.

In this situation, what is important for us is the identity of Korean culture. This is a very important matter for the development in this industrialized society.(*)