* Augustine *
Bibliotheca Augustana
Patrologia Latina Database
The North American Patristic Society
Augustine of Hippo
Augustinian Studies
Other sites about Augustine

* Calvin *
Calvin Studies Society
Sixteenth Century Electronic Journal
European Reformation Research Group
Other sites about Calvin

* Church History *
The Journal of Ecclesiastical History
The St Andrews Reformation Studies Institute
American Society of Church History
Medieval Philosophy and Theology

* Universities *

Kampen Theological University
Windesheim (University of Professional Education)
Korea University
Chongshin University

* Academic Web Sites *
Prof. Dr. F. de Lang
Dr. R.R. Ganzevoort
Bible Gateway

* Academic Web site by Korean *
Korean Institute for Reformational Theology in Europe
Korean Academic Fellowship in Europe
H.W. Shin's Quest of the Historical Jesus

* Christianity *
Trouw (Newspaper of the Dutch Reformed Churches)
NCRV Broadcasting Station of the Dutch Reformed Churches)
EO (Broadcasting Station of the Dutch Evangelicalism)
SOW-Churches (The Dutch Protestant Churches)
Gereformeerde Kerk van Pesse (A Dutch Reformed Church)

Our Daily Bread

* Culture *
Bach Institute in the Netherlands
Van Gogh Museum
Van Gogh Gallery
Concert Gebouw
Anne Frank House
Central Museum (Utrecht)
Jewish Historical Museum
Kroeller-Mueller Museum
Rembrandt House
Zuidere Zee Museum
Holland Site
Visit Holland

* About Korea *
Dong-A Ilbo (A Korean Newpaper in English)
Korean Christian Business Men's Committee in Europe

* Official *
Korean Embassy in the Netherlands
The Dutch Embassy in Korea
Map of Europe

* Home Page of my family in Korea *