A Baptism of a Reformed Church of the Netherlands

As a Pastor of the Calvinist Church of Korea, I was very interested in the liturgies of the Dutch Reformed Churches, because this church continuously keeps the tradition of the Calvinistic Churches. When I attend a ceremony of the Baptism of the Dutch churches, I find that they make the most of the symbol of the Baptism very well. In the service, the children were invited at the front of the room and heard the meaning of the Baptism which they have surely received a few years ago, even though they can not remember it. Then the child was baptized, wearing the beautiful baptism dress.

A special activity in the baptism in a Reformed Church of the Netherlands

Especially in this service, there was a special activity, practising the meaning of the Baptism. After the children made a tunnel with their hands, the baptized child and their parents went through it.
All the members of this congregation could hear that the Baptism explains passing over from the darkness to the light, just as the Israel had done in the Exodus.
The priority of this activity seems very clear in that not only the parants of a baptized child but also all the congregation (even the children also) can re-think about the deep sense of the Baptism again.
In short, I could experience the multiple goals in a ceremony of the Baptism - such as Church education, and Koinonia.(*)