Dr. In-Sub Ahn's Website

Prof. Dr. In-Sub Ahn 

 Associate Professor (Church History)

of Chongshin University and Theological Seminary, South Korea  (www.chongshin.ac.kr)


He is an ordained pastor of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Korea (GAPCA) (www.gapck.org)


Dr. In-Sub Ahn of Chongshin University about Augustine and Calvin studies



1. Curriculum Vitae


Assigned positions at Chongshin University :

Director of Reformed Theology Research Center (RTRC) (2017-2018)

Director of Library (Yangji campus) (2017-2018)

Director of Training Institute for Full-Time Faculty (2014-2018)

Dean of Global Reformed Theology (2016-2017)

Dean of International Cooperation (2012. 3-2016)



Dr. In-Sub Ahn of Chongshin University about Augustine and Calvin studies



Assigned positions in other organizations :

Senior Research Fellow at Leibniz-Institut für Europäische Geschichte (IEG), Mainz, Germany (2021)

General Secretary of the Korean Reformed Theological Society (2020-present)

 Project Manager of Refo500 Asia (2011-2017)

Board Member of ATA (Asia Theological Association) (2016-2018)

Chairperson of Korea Calvin Society (2010)


Member of the Inter-Korean Relations Development Committee (in the Ministry of Unification / 2019.10.-present)

Chairperson of Christian Society for National Reunification (2016-present)

Chairperson of the Board of North & South Love Network (2013.12-present)



2. Academic works of Dr. In-Sub Ahn




He received Ph.D. degree at the Theological University of Kampen, The Netherlands, in August 29, 2003.

The title of Ph.D. : "Augustine and Calvin about Church and State: A Comparison."




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3. Life


Born in Namyangju, South Korea on the 5th of October 1965,

he studied History at Korea University in Seoul between 1985 and 1989, graduating with a Bachelor of Art (B.A.).

From 1992 to 1995 he studied Theology at the Presbyterian General Assembly (Chongshin) Theological Seminary in Korea graduating with a Master of Divinity (M. Div.).

He was invited to study Church History by the Theological University of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands in Kampen (Theological University of Kampen (ThUK))

 with a full scholarship in January of 1998.

He gained his Drs. degree (1999) and Ph.D. degree (2003) at Theological University of Kampen (ThUK), the Netherlands. 

The title of his Drs.(Th.M.) Thesis was "Calvin's Use of Augustine's Ideas about Church and State"; it was carried out under the guidance of Prof. dr. Auke J. Jelsma.

He got his Ph.D. under the joint supervision of his advisor (Promotor) Prof. dr. Auke J. Jelsma (ThUK) and second advisor (tweede Promotor) Prof. dr. Willemien Otten (Utrecht University). 


Augustine and Calvin about Church and State, Dr. In-Sub Ahn


Augustine and Calvin about Church and State, Dr. In-Sub Ahn

Promotors: prof. dr. Auke J. Jelsma and prof. dr. Willemien Otten


He is managing a Church History Website, http://www.church-history.org, since 2000. 

He worked at Huam Presbyterian Church and YonHee Presbyterian Church in Seoul as an assistant pastor for three years. 


He is married to Dr. Mi-Rang Kang since 1995, who also received Th.M and Ph.D. in Practical Theology (Christian Education) at the same University (ThUK).

Dr. Mi-Rang Kang


This is Dr. Mi-Rang Kang's Dissertation.

Interpretative Identity and Hermeneutical Community (Münster: LIT, 2010).

Dr. Mi-Rang Kang


Dissertation of Dr. Mi-Rang Kang


Her speicial ares are the Christian Education and Catechism.

She is Adjunct Professor of Westminster Graduate School of Theology in Korea. (www.wgst.ac.kr)

Together they have a daughter, Ji-In Ahn, who was born in Kampen on April 28, 2000.



4. About site


This website is focused on the next points.

1. Augustine of Hippo (354-430) and John Calvin (1509-1564)
2. Reformations in the 16th century
3. History of Calvinism in Europe (16~17 centuries) and the Dutch Reformed Churches
4. Korean Church History and the Reunification of Korea
5. Church and State and Christian Cultures



5. Office


Chongshin University and Theological Seminary

(Sadang, Seoul Campus)

143, Sadang-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, South Korea (Postal Code: 156-879) 
 Tel: +82 2 3479-0200

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6. Personal Contact

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