Age: ? Eyes: Brown. Hair: Black. Build: Bulky Muscular. Height: 6'2"/12'. Race/sex: Godlike Being/M. Skin: Dark Tan/Brown. Demeanor: Impatient, Surly, Distracted. Dress: Sturdy cloth/leather garments. True Attitude: Gentle, Uncomfortable amoung others. Home: Orhan.

Husband of Houra and Smith of the gods, Iorak is physically strong but not the match in combat of Cay or Kuor. With his dark complexion, black har and beard, Iorak is an imposing character, an appearance which belies his gentle nature. He almost never learves his great smithies on Orhan. In fact, he is somewhat of a recluse, avoiding many of the social gatherings frequented by the gods and their aids. The Lords vs Local Gods

Iorak has made all of the items used by the Lords of Orhan, and is in most ways the most powerful Smith of the Kulthean system. However, an occasional Human or Elven smith has risen above Iorak's incredible yet 'workmanlike' abilities to produce an item of surpassing beauty or elegant power. The Smith Tethior was among this very small group.

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