Age: ? Eyes: Blue. Hair: Dark Brown. Build: Slight. Height: 6'8". Race/Sex: Godlike Being/M. Skin: Fair. Demeanor: Playful; Mocking. Dress: Highly varied clothing. True Attitude: Self-infatuated. Home: Orhan. Aka: Davix (Myri), The Bard.

God of festivals, including the performing arts (music, plays, some poetry). He plays a stringed instrument called the Quindera and has a hypnotic singing voice. He is called upon to bless wine and ale, and to aid in recovery from hangovers.

Also a prankster, he will often pose as his twin Jaysek (the two are 'naturally' identical, except that Kieron's eyes are blue), causing mischief on Kulthea. Although Kieron's clothing tastes are quite varied, he will often don a short tunic of sheer silk.

He is somewhat of a lustful god, appearing in many attractive forms - including that of a beautiful woman - to seduce unwary Kultheans.

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