Age: ? Eyes: Hazel. Hair: Dark Brown. Build: Slight. Height: 6'8". Race/Sex: Godlike Being/M. Skin: Fair. Demeanor: Pouting; Sullen. Dress: Dark, monochrome clothing. True Attitude: Self-possessed. Home: Orhan. Aka: The Poet.

God of Visual Art and Magic, twin brother of Kieron - and like his brother, he is lean and beautiful. Very serious and at times sullen, he occasionally takes to writing morbid poetry. He wears black or grey garments, and has been seen on the Shadow World astride a dark horse, wearing a black, hooded cloak and speaking dark prophesies.

Jaysek composed (or has claimed to compose) many of Kulthea's alphabets. He is the patron of Illusionists, Mystics, Seers and some Scribes. Jaysek at one time took an interest in the Duranaki race in Tanara, and has adopted their favored weapon: the Kynac.

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