Age: ? Eyes: Blue. Hair: Blue-white. Build: Muscular. Height: 6'8". Race/Sex: Godlike Being/M. Skin: Pale (almost white). Demeanor: Stern; Angry. Dress: Naked or draped in a rough kelp garment. True Attitude: Impatient; Quick-tempered. Home: Orhan/Kulthea's Oceans. Aka: Allanda (female, to the Myri).

God of the sea (and of Fall). Shaal is also called 'The Destroyer' by some, in association with the erosion of the sea and sea storms.

Shaal is moody and rarely is seen in his human form, instead assuming the shape of a Merman, whale or great dolphin. When in human form, he has blue-white hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. He wields a great trident of greenish alloy set with emerald points. Ruthless and unsympathetic to all but sea beasts and peoples, he cares little about events on the land.

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