Age: ? Eyes: Hazel. Hair: Auburn. Build: Full-proportioned yet not overweight. Height: 6'2". Race/Sex: Godlike Being/F. Skin: Ruddy. Demeanor: Warm, Hospitable. Dress: Green and brown robes. True Attitude: Caring, Motherly. Home: Orhan. Aka: Illila (to Myri), Earth-mother.

Goddess of the Earth (and the Harvest/Autumn), she is the mistress of growing things, of plants and animals of the lands. Iloura wears flowing robes of green and brown, and her auburn hair is often adorned with flowers and colorful leaves. Her eyes are large and hazel, framed by soft features; she frequently appears on Kulthea in the form of a deer or other fleet-footed animal. Harvest festivals are the time she is most honored, and many peoples of the Shadow World give thanks to her for bountiful returns. Her husband is Iorak the Smith.

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