Age: ? Eyes: Azure. Hair: Brown, curly. Build: Muscular. Height: 6'10". Race/Sex: Godlike Being/M. Skin: Fair. Demeanor: Lighthearted, Playful. Dress: Plain tunic. True Attitude: As Demeanor. Home: Orhan.

Lord of physical strength and athletic prowess, Cay appears as a sinewy yet (surprisingly) not exceedingly bulky youth. He cannot be bested in unarmed combat and only Kuor can beat him with weapons. Cay is considered most handsome of the gods (with the exception of the twins). He wears only a short blue tunic off one shoulder unless leading mass combat - an extremely rare occurrence for any of the Lords - in which case he dons shimmering silver armor. His favored weapon is a spear. Patron of athletic games, Cay is also an infamous seducer, having fathered countless children across Kulthea.

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