Age: ? Eyes: Violet, gold-flecked. Hair: Golden blonde. Build: Statuesque/Voluptuous. Height: 6'3". Race/Sex: Godlike Being/F. Skin: Lightly tanned. Demeanor: Caring; Sometimes Amorous. Dress: White gown. True Attitude: Serene; Empathic. Home: Orhan/Mur Fostisyr.

Goddess of Love and Fertility (and Spring), Oriana is great beauty with golden hair and violet eyes. She is the wife of Phaon, and flies beside her husband on golden wings made for her by Iorak.

As is typical with the Lords of Orhan, the concept of 'marriage' between gods is more a loose association than a true spiritual union. Both Oriana and Phaon have many lovers; in Oriana's case it was part of her first ritual with the Kytaari to bear the first members of the royal line.

Called upon to aid in many wedding ceremonies, her blessing promises many healthy children, and (perhaps ironically) an undying mutual love. She is called upon often, but rarely bestows her full blessing. Although almost always bearing a serene visage, Oriana has been known to break down and weep should one partner in a beautiful relationship (which she may have nurtured) meet with a tragic end. She also has a more sensual side, playful and lustful.

Oriana favors a tunic or gown of shimmering white trimmed with gold. Sometimes her tunic is a sheer, revealing garment.

She is an adept martial artist, and may have brought those skills to her Ky'taari people - along with the unusual weapon called the Ikasha. It is similar to a large throwing star, but more effective, and the accomplished user can cast it so that it will return safely to him.

NOTE: Oriana is worshipped by the arctic Ky'taari people as Ariaana, goddess of the Sun (the reason she is worshipped rather than Phaon is not clear). She appears to her followers there with golden eyes.

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