Article #1079: Kuor

Age: ? Eyes: Grey. Hair: White. Build: Muscular. Height: 6'6" Race/Sex: Godlike Being/M. Skin: Ruddy Demeanor: Aloof, Commanding. Dress: Flowing, toga-like garment. True Attitude: Reserved, Cautious. Home: Orhan. Kuor is King of the gods and ruler of Orhan. He can control the weather on Kulthea and reputedly is master of the Flows of Essence. While this isn't strictly true, he is able to manipulate the paths of the lesser Flows. Appearing as a man of middle years yet hale, he is beardless, and has a wild mane of snow-white hair. Kuor is almost never seen on Kulthea, preferring to observe activity on the Shadow World from afar. As leader of the Lords of Orhan, he keeps the others in check and will sometimes overrule one who is planning a rash action. One who he will not overrule, however, is Eissa, whose judgement is final. He presides over the Conclave of Orhan: the gathering of the Lords to debate a major issue.

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