About the University

Berhampur University came into existence on 2nd January 1967. It has remained as the symbol of glory and prosperity for the people of South Odihsa, spreading over an area of 250 acres land. The University is 10 kms and 5 kms away from the Berhampur city and Gopalpur-on-Sea respectively. There are twenty post graduate departments in the University offers M. Phil and Ph. D. programmes. Some of the courses offered like Journalism & Mass Communication, Tourism and Indian Monuments, Electronic Science, Computer Science, Marine Sciences, Military Science make the University stand apart from some other Universities of the Country. The University has achieved great distinction in the academic world due qualitative production of M. Phil., Ph. D., D. Litt. and D. Sc degrees. So far many research projects both major and minor funded by the U.G.C, I.C.S.S.R, C.S.I.R., D.B.T. and D.S.T etc. have been completed. With all such multifarious academic activities, the University has received reciprocal recognition from many Indian Universities.



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