Strickler Families of the World
This section contains a collection of photographs taken, found or given over the years to this site. We currently have about 2400 photos however limitations in time and webspace does not allow us to place them all on-line at this time.

If you have any photos you would like to add please e-mail them to [email protected] Please include adequate identification for each photo, approximate date of photo, location, photographer, source of photo and an address where you can be reached by others.

Bushong Family Home (Jacob & Sarah (Strickler) Bushong), New Market, Shenandoah Co., VA Built in 1825 by Jacob Bushong on land purchased by his father Henry Bushong. In 1850, Abraham Strickler, brother of Sarah Strickler Bushong helped pay for an addition to the home. On 15th May 1864 the Battle of New Market, VA began on this farm.

Bushong, Sarah (Strickler), New Market, Shenandoah Co., VA born 2 June 1797 died 26 Oct 1889 daughter of Abraham & Christina (Brubaker) Strickler shemarried Jacob Bushong. Their home was the site of the famous Battle of New Market and is today a popular tourist destination.

Green, Elizabeth Ann (Strickler), Marion Co., IL
born 27 February 1827 at Strickler Springs, Rockbridge Co., VA died 11 October 1879 Foster Twp., Marion Co., IL a daughter of Daniel & Mary (McCown) Strickler, 3rd. She married Jonathan Green.

Strickler, Admiral, Central Headquarters, United Federation of Planets, Earth Admiral Strickler holds a high position in the interplanetary government organization known in this galaxy as the United Federation of Planets. (Yes, I'm for real here!) Those of you who are Star-Trek junkies you will know who this is and what I'm talking about.

Strickler, Daniel Wilson, Sr., Rockbridge and Augusta Co., VA
Born 15 June 1848 Died 15 June 1929. Son of Jacob Bumgardner Strickler & Anna Catharina Sensebaugh. He married Susan Catherine Anderson. Picture taken around 1900 probably in Staunton, VA.

Strickler, Daniel Wilson, Jr. Family Mint Spring, Augusta Co., VA
This picture was taken after 1915 and before 1925 at the family farm between Follu Mills  and Mint Spring in Augusta Co., VA. Depicted are:
        1) Daniel Wilson Strickler, Jr. 27 Jun 1875-12 Jul 1928 son of Daniel Wilson Strickler
            and Susan Catherine Anderson. Daniel Jr. md 28 June 1903,
        2) Lula Belle Tisdale 2 Apr 1863-4 Dec 1922 d/o Daniel Tisdale
      and Daniel & Lula Belle's 4 surviving children:
        3) Frank Wilson Strickler 6 Jun 1905-15 Dec 1980
        4) Daniel Lee Strickler 25 Mar 1907-8 Dec 2000
        5) Earman Christian Strickler 25 Dec 1908-19 Oct 1989
        6) Francis Hyde Strickler 15 Jan 1913-27 Mar 2005

Strickler, Emmett Franklin, Ladd, Augusta Co., Virginia, 1947 Born 27 July 1930 a son of Emmett Lee & Virginia Lillie (Allison) Strickler. He married Susie Christine Bryant. This picture was taken as Frank entered the U.S. Marines.

Strickler, Francis Hyde, Mint Springs, Augusta Co., VA 1944 Born 15 January 1913 died in 2004, Francis was a son of Daniel Wilson Strickler, Jr. & Lula Belle Tisdale. He married Hilda Catherine Via. This photo is taken during World War II.

Strickler, Givens Brown, Strickler Springs, Rockbridge Co., VA born 25 April 1840 died 4 Aug 1913, Atlanta, GA. son of Joseph David & Mary Jane (Brown) Strickler. He married Mary Frances Moore. Givens was one of the most prolific and well known Presbyterian ministers of his day.

Strickler, Henry Whaley, Fayette Co., PA 9th Pennsylvania Reserves, 38th Infantry. Born 12 March 1832 in Fayette Co., PA son of Isaac Strickler and Jane Whaley. He died 4 May 1906. Henry married Eliza A Chambers. No known children.

Strickler, Leonard Thomas, Stuarts Draft, VA 1933 Born 7 April 1933 died 8 Oct 1933 of pneumonia. He was a son of Emmett Lee & Virginia Lillie (Allison) Strickler.

Strickler, Lewis Ashby, St. Clair Co., MO
Born 25 August 1894, Ripley Co., MO died 20 October 1952, St. Clair, MO. Son of Turner Ashby & Minnie Jane (Payne) Strickler. He married 1st Alpha Weeks. He married 2nd Sylvia Geneva Pierce

Strickler, Oliver Sylvester "Cooney", Warren Co., IN born 2 April 1883, Pisgah Creek, Rockbridge Co., VA died 7 March 1967, Williamsport, Warren Co., IN. Son of Jacob Christian Sylvester and Elizabeth Ann (Lotts) Strickler. The 15th of 16 children, Ollie went to Indiana about 1899. He married Beulah Raines.

Strickler, Samuel Jackson, Greenville, Augusta Co., VA born 14 Apr 1870, Little Calf Pasture, Rockbridge Co., VA died 27 July 1955 near Greenville, Augusta Co., VA. He married 2 Sep 1891 to Virginia Janet Gibson. He was a son of Daniel Wilson Strickler, Sr.

Strickler, Susan Catherine (Anderson), Barterbrook, Augusta Co., VA Born 10 March 1842 died abt 1909 near Barterbrook. She was a daughter of Charles & Sarah (Leopard) Anderson, Jr. Susan married 1st Thomas James Miller and secondly to Daniel Wilson Strickler, Sr.      
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