Stricklers of the World
Earliest Family Records
Records of the Strickler family date to the mid 13th century. The following pages contain a variety of the oldest known records of the Strickler family. This is not an exhaustive list and each year new records are slowly being uncovered. I have chosen to include records here up to 1600. The reason for this is that the main parish register for Richterswil dating before 1600 was destroyed by fire so records for Richterswil families are limited. This list should help to define the early Strickler families for which no other record now exists.
Date             Name                         Location                                          Source
1250  Klaus am Strick                    am Strick                           Strickler, Gustav, 1926
Estimated birth year of Klaus am Strick who is listed in 1320 on a list of monks serving the cloister order of Einselden for the Royal House of Wädenswil under the command of Johannitaurihaus.

1320  Klaus am Strick                   am Strick                             Strickler, Gustav, 1926
Klaus is recognized by the Royal Order of the Knights of the House of Johannitarius of Wädenswil as a monk of high respect having served the people well for about 50 years and is now himself about 70 years of age. Because of his service he is granted family right to the farm he calls Fridhübsch (roughly meaning Beautiful Freedom) along the strick near the common ground. He is instructed to care for the land and is appointed overseer of the common grounds.

1325  Niklas am Strick                  am Strick                             Strickler, Gustav, 1926
In a deed of release dated 1325, Klaus am Strick released his rights to the Fridhübsch estate to his son Niklas am Strick for the duration of his life.

1331 Niklas am Strick                  am Strick             Tax Order; Strickler Gustav, 1926
Niklas “Klaes” am Strick pays an annual tax of 3 Pfennings but is then termed exempt from further taxation called levee free because of his service to the Order in which he has been a good steward of the common grounds and in its oversight of its management. Note in 1331 he is not called a monk.

1348  Niklas am Strick                   am Strick                            Strickler, Gustav, 1926
In 1348 Niklas is recognized by the Royal Order of the Knights of Wädenswil for carrying on the honorable work of monk.

1350  Rudi am Strick                     am Strick                             Strickler, Gustav, 1926
The rights of the estate of Fridhübsch was given to Rudi am Strick son of Niklas am Strick. Rudi am Strick is taxed there.

1366  Rudi am Strick                     am Strick                         Tax Order of Wädesnswil
Rudi am Strick pays tax at Fridhübsch. His wife is called Elsenithi he has seven children, 5 sons and two daughters. He pays a tax of 3 Pfennings. He is ordered to provide butter for the Royal Order. He has 27 cows and 4 horses.

1371  Anna & Elsi am Strick       am Strick                              Strickler, Gustav, 1926
In 1371 Anna and Elsi am Strick appear on a list of those delivering butter to the collection master. No further details are known. They are probably the two daughters of Rudi am Strick.

1384  Cueni am Strick                   am Strick                         Tax Order of Wädesnswil
Cueni and Dietrich am Strick pay tax on the estate of Fridhübsch.

1384  Dietrich am Strick                am Strick                         Tax Order of Wädesnswil
Dietrich and Cueni am Strick pay tax on the estate of Fridhübsch.

1384  Dietrich am Strick               am Strick-Richterswil        176-StAZ C I 240 Blatt 11
Dietrich am Strick becomes compliant to Jose. Eberhart of (Richterswil?) for 8 Pfennings (Land at Richterswil)? He was called a freeman of no levee.

According to Gustav Strickler, by 1384 Dietrich am Strick had moved from Fridhübsch farm nearer to the town of Richterswil. He left owing his portion of tax at Fridhübsch and was sued by Joseph Eberhart the tax collection agent. However Dietrich was declared a freeman of levy because he was at that time a single man and owning no property of value.

1391  Wernli, Claus, Anna am Strick     am Strick                   175/StAZ C II 4 Nr.361
From a document of the Religious Knights of the Order of Wädenswil: “Wernli am Strick” is listed in the commons record entry where he and his wife Anna were owners of the estate called Fridhübsch which bordered on one side the common land and the other another estate. It was subject then to the tax authority of the Religious Knights of the Order of Wädenswil.

Wernli am Strick, son of Rudi, with wife Anna, sell with the consent of his brother Claus am Strick a monk in the Orderhouse of the Monkhood of Wädenswil, certain right to the land near the  farm Fridhübsch to the order for 8 pfenning  etc…

In 1391 Wernli am Strick and wife Anna, with the consent of his brother Klaus a monk of the cloister Wädenswil retains rights to the farm leased by to them by the cloister. They mortgage a second portion of the estate to the cloister. (Gustav Strickler, 1926)

5 Sep 1391 Wernli & Claus am Strick    Fridhubach                      St AZ C II 14 Nr.34
Brother Rudolph Wisso who sits in Wädenswil as the deputy to Count Hartman von Werdenberg, bishop of Chur and Commander of the Order of St. John’s of the Holy Order of Jerusalem of Wädenswil, to court publicly writes: Be it known that Wenli am Strick son of Rudi am Strick has blessedly given with his wife Anna (and the consent of his brother Claus am Strick) 8 pfennings of inhabitant tax to brother Johans of Lupfistein the representative of the Johannites of Wädenswil, as mortgage for 2 quarters for the inhabitants  of the land. This annual mortgage serves the Seelgerat and is for the property of Fridhübsch that abuts the common land as well as the other property of Fridhübsch called Landrastuel. The main mortgage tax is due to Martini at Wädenswil castle. Rudolf Wisso deputy of the Order Johannites seals this mortgage. Witnessed by Chonrad Bürster, Ruedi Wiman, Welu Widnmer, Hans Amman, Hans Schmid, Ruedi Minner, Claus Minner and sufficient different respectable people.

1400  Wernli & Claus am Strick    am Strick                                             Tax Orders
Wernli am Strick is on the tax rolls living at Fridhübsch adjoining the common land and the land of Landreatuel farm owned then by Claus am Strick.

1401  Wernli & Claus am Strick    am Strick                                             Tax Orders
Wernli am Strick is on the tax rolls living at Fridhübsch adjoining the common land and the land of Landreatuel farm owned then by Claus am Strick.

1402  Wernli & Claus am Strick    am Strick                                             Tax Orders
Wernli am Strick is mentioned in the Stuerrodel (tax lists) living at Fridhübsch. He is taxed there for 3 pfennings 12 shillings. His land was adjoining the common land and the farm of Claus am Strick called Landrastuelhof. The amount of the tax levied is twice that of any other estate indicating that the estate was large and prosperous.

1410  Rudi am Strick                    am Strick                                     VII 1936-Siete 55
Rudi am Strick moved to Richterswil and levied tax-free. He takes up citizenship with the city of Richterswil and lived outside of Richterswil beyond the jurisdiction of the Royal Order of Wädenswil and now in the jurisdiction of Zürich He was a carpenter. (Strickler, Gustav, 1926)

1413  Cueni am Strick                 am Strick-Stoben                            VII 1936 Seite 46
Cueni am Strick pays tax on interest for the farm called Stoben on the Strick near the Gumgrirand gelegene meadow.  He pays 6 quarters to the Johanniterhaus of Wädenswil interest of 4 Muett and 3 quarter cores. (Frick 175)

1414 Welti Strickler                         am Strick                         Strickler, Gustav, 1926
Welti Strickler is levied as a tax-free resident of Fridhübsch being a singleman. He is probably a younger son of Wernli Strickler and wife Anna.

Sep 1416 Cueni am Strick               am Strick                                  VII 1936 Seite 46.
Cuni am Strick listed on the tax list taken by the Confederation of Lamparten for the Valley. He is called the Säumer of the main people of the inhabitants of Zürich state.

29 Sep 1420 Wernli & Heini am Strick am Strick                        SttAZ C II 14 Nr. 49
Wernli and Heini am Strick are cosigners with Heni Tusser and his sons Rudi and Welti “Richlislechen” received from the Johanniterhaus as Handelhen.

18 Nov 1427 Marty am Strick         am Strick                                 StAZ C II 14 Nr. 51
Marty am Strick turns over goods to the lords of the Royal Order of Wädenswil to cover the tax on the property sitting on the Strick.

1450  Althanns am Strick             am Strick                                Tax Indexes of 1450
Althans am Strick (b.c1405) lives at Fridhübsch had son Heini (b.c1430) who later moved to Sternen and opened an inn in 1468. Althanns also had a son Junghans (b.c1428).  (Strickler, Gustav, 1926)

1468  Heini am Strick                  Wirt-Sternen                               VII 1936- Seite 105
Heini am Strick, a landlord, is mentioned in the tax books at Wirt (Sternen).

1470  Heinin Strickler                 Wirt-Sternen                                               Wild 149
Heinin Strickler, son of Althanns Strickler of the Strick is the innkeeper of Wirt am Sternen.

1470  Althans, Junghans, Rudi Strickler     am Strick                                    Wild 149
Zurich tax records show Althans, Junghans and Rudi Strickler all taxed at their estate on the Strick called Fridhübsch. (Strickler, Gustav, 1926)

1488  Grosshans Strickler             Berg Richterswil                                       Frick 175
Grosshans Strikler of Berg Richterswil at the estate of Fridhübsch pays tax of 6 quarters and interest of 2 chickens on the property at Benkli in the Neurbehr at the Strick. (Strickler, Gustav, 1926)

1488  Kleinhans Strickler             Berg Richterswil                                       Frick 175
Kleinhans Strickler of the estate called Fridhübsch pays tax of 5 Muett cores 4¾ cores annually to the Royal Order of the Knights of Wädenswil. The land ran from Fridhübsch to Lanstrudle.

1488  Rudi Strickler                     Berg Richterswil                                        Frick 175
Rudi Strickler now of Spitzen gives tax of 1 Muett Kemen for land he lived on at Fridhübsch. (Strickler, Gustav, 1926)

1489  Hans Strickler                   Fridhübsch am Strick                        II 1931 Seite: 56
Hans Strickler is named representative of the people in the tax rebellion. He was from Fridhübsch. (Strickler, Gustav, 1926)

1500  Hans Strickler                 am Strick                                 Strickler, Gustav, 1926
Hans Strickler is a resident of Fridhübsch and pays tax there.

1504 Kurzheinz, Uli and Hans Strick     near Richterswil                     Gluckstafenrodel
These three indivduals probably descend from the "am Strick" family but appear to have never taken the name of Strickler. They however may have altered their name to Stricker.

1504  Hans & Rudi Strickler     Fridhübsch                                   Tax Indexes of 1504
Hans and Rudi Strickler are taxed at Fridhübsch. Hans was formerly called Kleinhans. Rudi is called the son of Hans.

8 Jun 1505 Hans Strickler        Richterswil-Rotenblatt                                    Frick 176
Hans Strickler lives at Blowasen Rüti (later called Rotenblatt) at Dunklemoos near the brook near the pond. He is responsible for paying tax there.

1507  Uli Strickler                   Richterswil                                         II 1931 Seite: 25
Uli Strickler paid 6 marks to Conrad Enflehart of the Johanniterhauses of Wädenswil.

1507 Ruti Strickler                Fridhubsch                                         Peter Ziegler 2000
Rudolf Strickler lived at Fridhubsch in 1507. He is called Ruti amd Rudi Strickler. Hans Strickler listed in 1504 is not listed in 1507. He may have died between 1504 and 1507.

1512  Rüdin Strickler
             Kneus/Chneaus/Cneus                       VII 1936 Seite: 151 Rüdin Strickler (b.c1445) is found in the Züruch Spitalrechnungen (literally hospitality register) listed as a regular butter supplier supplying from 144-314 pounds a year from the farm at Kneus.

1512  Rüdin & Weltin Strickler
   Kneus/Chneaus/Cneus              Tax Indexes of 1512
Rüdin Strickler and son Weltin Strickler (b.c1460) are taxed at Cneus on the Sihl River for 2 pounds.

1512  Hermann Strickler 
       Finstersee                                     Tax Indexes of 1512
Hermann Strickler pays tax on a farm at Finstersee. (Strickler, Gustav, 1926)

1512-1513 Rudi Strickler       
Kneus                                         VII. 1936 – Seite: 151
Rudi Strickler of the farm Kneus Is ordered to provide 144-314 pounds of butter to the officials in the city of Zürich by order of the Royal House for the year of 1512-1513. (Strickler, Gustav, 1926)

1512  Hans Strickler
               Schwanden                                    Samstagern Seite-17
In 1512 Hans Strickler owned the farm called Schwanden. He reaquired landright there in 1512. (Strickler, Gustav, 1926)

Weltin Strickler           Kneus/Chneaus/Cneus                      Tax Indexes of 1514
Weltin Strickler is listed as living at Cneaus. No mention of Rüdin Strickler the 1512 butter supplier. (Strickler, Gustav, 1926)

Weltin Strickler          Cneus                                             Tax Indexes of 1515
Weltin Strickler pays tax on the farm called Cneus. (Strickler, Gustav, 1926)

Uli, Grosshans & Hans Strickler Marignano War                       III 1932-Seite 30
Uli, Grosshans and Hans Strickler fought in the bloody battle of Marignano under Captain Rudolf Rahn.

Grosshans & Hans Strickler Marignano War                           III 1932-Seite 30
Grosshans and Hans Strickler fought in the bloody battle of Marignano under captain Engelhard.

24 Aug 1515 Hans, Junghans & Aberhans Strickler
Marignano War  III 1932-Seite 30
Hans, Junghans and Aberhans Strickler fought in the bloody battle of Marignano under captain Max Röist.

Heini Strickler              Sternen                                                VII 1936-Seite 2
At the parting of the first Richterswil’s Rechnungsrodel it reads in part “Item 1: Heini Strickler of Sternen in balance has paid 35.5 pounds in this the 1516th year from the birth of Christ on Monday so as to make even the sum necessary for his tax.” (Very rough translation!)

Heni Strickler                Sternen                                            VII 1936-Seite 105
Heini Strickler is mentioned as running the pub at Sternen. He is called the Eselwirt or Donkey Landlord because his pub is described as at Esel (at the donkey) today called Frohberg (Glad Mountain). (From the Rechenrodel 1516)

1516 Heinrich "Heini" Strickler   near Richterswil                            Peter Zeigler 2000
Heinrich "Heini" Strickler is called the Seckelmeister  (Firanzurstand) near Richterswil.

1516 Strickler Family                 of Sattlebogen                                 Peter Zeigler 2000
In 1516 the Strickler family is listed as living at Sattlebogen. The specific family is not mentioned in record.

1516  Rudi Strickler
              Richterswil-Strickmatt                                     Frick 176
Rudi Strickler becomes the Ammann of Erlibach to Richterswil and is responsible for 2 Mütt Cores  a year annually on the land on the Berg Richerswil from Fridhübsch to Strickmatten and to the Almend (common land

1518  Weltin Strickler 
        Cneus                                             Tax Indexes of 1518
Weltin Strickler pays tax on the farm called Cneus

1520  Rudi Strickler
            Fridhübsch                                       Tax Indexes of 1520
Rudi Strickler is taxed on the estate called Fridhübsch. His tax was on 14 cows and 5 horses and amounted to about 4 pfennings

1520  Rudi & Hans Strickler
  Feldmoos & Unter Laubegg                                  III-64
Rudi Strickler of Feldmoos and Hans Strickler of Unter Laubegg are mentioned in a fishing rights conflict for the Hutternesee. The conflict was being handled by the deputy district leader Johannes von Hattstein of the Knight Order

1521 Welti Strickler  
           Cneaus                                       Strickler, Gustav, 1926
Gustav Strickler gives no further details about this entry. His information simply read “1521” Welti Strickler at Cneaus

1523  Hans Strickler
          Feldmoos                                             VII 1936-Seite 106
Hans Strickler is called a Seckelmeister

2 Jul 1523 Rudolf Strickler
Langenegg area                                        VII 1936-Seite 6
In a letter from Langenegg (woodland near the high Rohne) young Hans Hotz and Rudolf Strickler represented a number of landowners of field beyond the Sihl River. Rudolph was probably from the farm called Cneus on the wooded hills above the Sihl River

1524  Hans Strickler 
         Feldmoos                                             VII 1936-Seite 106
Hans Strickler is called a Seckelmeister

1530  Rudi Strickler
          Wirt of Sternen                                        III 1932-Seite 56
The government limits the number of pubs and inns to Wädenswilerberg 2, Wädenswil 1 and Richterswil 1.  Special exception is made for Rudi Stricklers house at Sternen am Richters-wilersberg and is given license to continue operation

1530  Rudolph Strickler
     Sternen of the Strick                                                   I-49
A note of indebtedness is given to Rudolph Strickler whose house has served as an inn on the Strick at Sternen on Richterswilerberg.

1530  Rudi Strickler  
       Fälmiss-Feldmoos                                Samstagern Seite-10
In 1530 there is a Rudi Strickler mentioned as living at Vellmishof (Fälmis Farm) one of the two farms at Feldmoos.

1530  Hans Strickler 
      Fridhübsch am Strick                                                    I-72
Hans Strickler owns land and is taxed for the estate called Fridhübsch on the Strick

1530  Rudolph Strickler
auf dem Strick                                                           Frick ?
Rudolf Strickler of the Strick (b.c1500), also lived at Fridhübsch land described as on Richterswiler Common Land and beside Gilg Tanners called Stythalden

19 Dec 1530 Rudi Strickler
   Wirt                                              VII. 1936—Seite:106
The number of pubs is limited by order to: Wädenswilerberg 2, Wädenswil 1, Richterswil 3 and a special license to Rudi Strickler’s house called Sternen on Richterswilerberg

1534  Hans Strickler 
           Feldmoos                                              VII 1936-Seite 2
Hans Strickler is called a Seckelmeister

1536  Hermann Strickler
    Finstersee                                         Tax Indexes of 1536
Hermann Strickler pays tax at Finstersee. (Strickler, Gustav, 1926)

1536  Weltin Strickler  
     Cneus                                               Tax Indexes of 1536
Weltin Strickler pays tax on the farm called Cneus. (Strickler, Gustav, 1926)

1539  Hans Strickler 
         Feldmoos                                                VII 1936-Seite 2
Hans Strickler is called a Seckelmeister

1539  Rudolf Strickler
Sternen-Gerlisberg                                     Samstagern Seite-12
In 1539 Rudolf Strickler is mentioned as living on Richterswilerberg near Sandrain and Gerlisberg at Sternen. Gerlisberg is near Fridhubsch

1540  Hans Strickler   
       Feldmoos                                                VII 1936-Seite 2
Hans Strickler is called a Seckelmeister

1541  Hans Strickler 
         Feldmoos                                                VII 1936-Seite 2
Hans Strickler is called a Seckelmeister

1546  Strickler Family 
      Fridhübsch                                         Order of Wädenswil
The Stricklers at Fridhübsch are mentioned in the records of the Order of Wädenswil but are not called by name. (Strickler, Gustav, 1926)

11 May 1547 Rudolf Strickler
  from Richtreswil area                         III 1932-Seite 56
Rudolph Strickler is named a delegate in a dispute over the Pfarrfrund of the Kaplanein in the course of the reformation between the advice of Zürich and the Johanniterhaus.

1548  Strickleren 
              am Sattelbogen                                       VII 1936-Seite 48
The newly established community of Strickleren at Sattlebogen paid money in accordance with the Rechenrodel, introduction money as a new municipality. The tax was paid in concurrent years thru 1574 and perhaps later if records thereafter were searched
. The community was probably named after the Strickler family that lived in 1516 at Sattlebogen.

1549 Heinrich Strickler        Falmis                                                  Peter Zeigler 2000
Heini (Heinrich) Strickler lived at Falmis.

1549  Weltin Strickler
        Cneus                                               Tax Indexes of 1549
Weltin Strickler pays tax on the farm called Cneus. (Strickler, Gustav, 1926)

1549  Hermann Strickler
   Finstersee                                           Tax Indexes of 1549
Hermann Strickler pays tax at Finstersee. (Strickler, Gustav, 1926)

11 Sep 1555 Heinrich Strickler
Langenegg area                                 VII 1936-Seite 7
Heinrich Strickler and Andreas Theiler asked the land judge of Cham to seal the Holzbriefes for the woodland at Langenegg. Heirnich may be related to the Strickers of Cneus.

1555  Peter Strickler 
             Haslen                                           Samstagern Seite-13
In 1555 Peter Strickler is listed as an inhabitant of the farm “inn Hasslen”. Haslen is a neighboring farm to Fridhübsch

1555 Kleinjacob Strickler 
  Bibetsee-bei Hutternesee                         Peter Ziegler 2000
Kleinjacob Strickler lived at the farm called Bibestee on the Lake at Hutten

1563  Hermann Strickler
     Finstersee                                        Tax Indexes of 1563
Hermann Strickler pays tax at Finstersee. (Strickler, Gustav, 1926)

1563  Weltin Strickler
          Cneus                                            Tax Indexes of 1563
Weltin Strickler pays tax on the farm of Cneus. (Strickler, Gustav, 1926)

1564  Weltin Strickler
         Cneus                                             Tax Indexes of 1564
Weltin Strickler pays tax on the farm of Cneus. He is called the younger. (Strickler, Gustav, 19

1564  Rudolph Strickler  
      Esel                                                                       I-30
From public records we know that in 1564 Rudolph Strickler resided at Esel. He is called Rudolph Strickler from the Strick.

1564  Peter Strickler  
         Haslenhof                                                                I-16
Peter Strickler is mentioned in public records residing at Haslenhof farm where he paid tax

1564  Rudolph Strickler
of near the common lands                       VII 1936-Seite 22-23
Rudolph Strickler is mentioned in a book recording the people of the common land. The language is hard to translate so here is the original text: Der Titel des ältesten Dokuments der Allmend lautet:  “Hie nach volgend die Namen der geschlechtern, so der allmentt in der gemeind Richtischwyl  genoss und theilhafftig sind.“ „Dieser Rodel ist gmacht und beschlossen in bysin hienach volgender personen von den allmendgnossen darzu verordnet, namentlich ............Rudolph Strickler .....“ Das  Allmendrecht von Ihren Vorfahren ererbt haben die Geschlechter: Strickler ....... Auch unter den  eingekauften Geschlechtern findet man Strickler

1568 Jörg Strickler
               Fridhübsch                                                            I-72
Jörg Strickler lives and pays tax on the estate called Fridhübsch.

1568 Rudolph Strickler
      Schwanden                        Wädenswil Real Estate Register
Rudolph Strickler from Esel owns the farm called Schwanden and pays tax there. He was a descendant of Hans Strickler who in 1512 owned Schwanden

29 Jun 1568 Rudolph Strickler
community of Richterswil                   IV 1933-Seite 40
Rudolph Strickler a delegate of the Herschaft Richterswil acts on behalf of the community reading a law before the house of Wädenswil who was to confirm the law

1568 Hans, Hans, Wernli, Rudolf and Konrad Strickler
of Rosenblatt        Zeigler 2000
The above named Stricklers resided at the farm called Rosenblatt.

1568 Mathys Strickler am Berg (Richterswil) near commonland                   Zeigler 2000
Mathys Strickler resided on the mountain of Richterswil near the common land (Sternen).

1568 Rudolf Strickler
               Esel                                                         Zeigler 2000
Rudolf lived at Esel but also owned the farm at Schwanden.

1568 Rudolf Strickler               Othensegelhof-Hutten                                 Zeigler 2000
Rudolf Strickler lived near Hutten on the farmed literally called the Other Segel Farm.

1568 Peter, Hans, Grosshans, Heinrich Strickler Egg-Wadenswilerberg
These Stricklers owned land at the Hof der Egg am Wadenswilerberg.

1570   Peter, Kleinhans, Aberhans and Heinrich Strickler Egg-Wadenswilerberg
This is the same family listed in the 1568 record. Grosshans Strickler appears to have died.

1570  Rudolph Strickler 
          Esel                                         Strickler, Gustav, 1926
Rudolph Strickler is described as possessing a stately farm with barns, stables and fields that supplied hay for 17 cows. Rudolph lived at Esel and had moved there from Fridhübsch, the farm he supplied hay for.

1574  Heini Strickler 
             Fridhübsch                                       Tax Indexes 1574
Heini Strickler resided at Fridhübsch where he pays the esta
te tax.

1583 Heinrich & Margaretha Strickler
Fridhubsch                         Tax Indexes 1583
Heinrich Strickler and wife Margaretha pay land use tax living at Fridhubsch owning 19 cows and 4 horses. (Strickler, Gustav
, 1926)

21 May 1593 Rudolph Strickler
community of Richterswil                    IV 1933 Seite 40
Rudolph Strickler is named one of two delegates for the people of Richterswil when dealing with the Royal House of Wadenswil and the abbey at Zurich that the Lenren posesses at
that time.

29 May 1593 Rudolph Strickler
community of Richterswil                   IV 1933-Seite 40
Rudolph Strickler is a delegate and is mentioned in a document transacting between the Herrschaft Wädenswil and the abbey
of Zürich.

1596  Rudolf Strickler   
         Sattelbogen                                    Samstagern Seite-17
In 1596 and 1606 Rudolf Strickler lived at Sattelbogen.

18 Apr 1598 Conrad Strickler
  Bruderklausen                                    Rissler Aug 2002
First recods of the Strickler name at Bruderhaus. Conrad Strickler then in 1598 operated the Bruderklausen sort of a safe house for Mennonites. The Bruderklausen no longer stands. Two homes still stand there.the oldest is original to the Bruderklausen and is known as the Unteres Bruderhaus. The Oberes Bruderhaus was razed in the mid 1980's and a new house was built there. It is now called the Nuebruderhaus.
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