Strickler Families of the World
Welcome and Introduction
Welcome to the International Strickler Family Book. This book is dedicated to the compilation and preservation of Strickler family history for all Strickler families and their descendants the world over.
Although my efforts to compile this book began in August 2003, work on this book began many generations before. It has taken the efforts of many researchers and hobbyists alike for this work to come together. In truth, this book would not be possible without interested souls such as you. Special thanks go out to Romi (Strickler) de-Ambrosis, Koebi Strickler and Ferdi Strickler for their incredible efforts to compile Strickler history.
The Goals
The immediate goal is to offer direction to family researchers and to collect and gather new information. The long-term goal is to make available all the information gathered. Unfortunately the nature of this book does not allow for the publication of all collected materials, which currently amassed would total every bit of 20000 pages.
The Dream
Deep down inside I have an impossible dream. That dream is a complete and correct historical record of all Stricklers and their descendants from the beginnings of the family until the present day. This ambitious goal will never be completed, but is the driving force behind continued research.
How You Can Help
Abig part of my compilation comes from the help of fellow researchers. The truth is the family is too large and too diverse for the few of us working here behind the scenes to adequately research on our own. If in anyway you want to help, please contact us. We are especially interested in biographies and family photographs as well as images of historical documents.
Contact Us
E-Mail: [email protected] (Frank W Duff); [email protected] (Koebi Strickler)
[email protected] (Romi de Ambrosis-Strickler)
S-Mail: Frank Duff 2056 Lyndhurst Rd. Waynesboro, VA 22980-5226 USA
Romi de Ambrosis im Feld 6, Asp, Aarau, CH
Please refrain from throwing stones. The information in this book is compiled with the knowledge that some information may not be correct. It is my sincere wish that all errors be corrected. However I do not have the manpower to research each name individually. I have relied heavily on the research of others knowing that without exception that each was thoughtfully researched and pieced together with the best of intentions, errors or not.
The philosophy of this book is that if one is not made aware of the questionable links, then no one will feel as if they need to help correct them. When possible the uncertainties in the genealogy have been noted and all other possibly reasonable links are made known.
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Introduction to the Strickler Families of the World
Of humble origins, the Strickler family of the world over centuries has blossomed into a diverse and successful family. From only a handful of people have grown a clan now spread across the world. No matter the environment and often under extreme persecution the family has endured and flourished. In the past the family has seen successful artisans, prominent church leaders, military leaders, doctors, lawyers and holders of public office. However the vast majority of the family has maintained the traditional trade of the family, that of farmer.

The purpose of this book is to allow you to explore your Strickler family origins, examining not only examining what it means to be Strickler, but also discovering how you have gotten where you are. Unfortunately this book cannot contain a complete history of every Strickler line. Such a book is impossible. However the layout of this book is designed so that a researcher can locate his smaller branches of the family and know where they fit in the larger family tree.

This book is laid out in this manner:
Introduction pages
Pages concerning origins of the name, its distribution in the world and family heraldry
Earliest Records of the name in various regions; Emigrations and Migrations
Early families preceding their exodus from Switzerland
Detailed Biographies of identified Immigrants including records of several generations of the family in
  their new country.
Detailed Biographies of prominent Stricklers who have lived over the years
Stricklers in the Military
Places named Strickler, Strickler Homes, Strickler Cemeteries, Strickler Bibles etc.

I hope you find this book a valuable resource for you in your Strickler family research. And I hope you find its layout easy to use, informative and useful. Research is continuing and a future publication of this book with updates and corrections will be forthcoming. So if you have any suggestions on how to in the future make this book more useful, please contact me with your comments. Thanks!

Contact: Frank W Duff
              2056 Lyndhurst Rd
              Waynesboro, VA 22980-5226
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