The Happy Bimbo: A hypnotic transformation

((modified from my original D/s script))


I want you to make sure that there are no distractions in your house or on your computer. You will need to be able to concentrate and focus. Please get comfortable and prepare your mind to give in and submit. The more you read this, or any of my works, the stronger the commands will become. If you are not prepared 100% prepared to submit to me, then do not read any further, for once you begin you cannot turn back. You will begin a journey of pleasure and obedience. Only those who wish to feel this freedom, this liberty of inhibitions will go forward. Once you are comfortable please read on to the next part.


I want you to relax and imagine that you are deep in the forest in the

middle of a clearing. You are relaxing on a blanket staring up into the night. The sky is clear and full of stars. It is a perfect night, cool and comfortable. It is so peaceful here, so quiet accept for the peaceful forest noises around you. You are completely alone. The serenity of the night helps you to clear your mind. You begin to let your thoughts wander and just enjoy the silence. As you stare up into the night, your body begins to relax. You feel your breathe begin to slow and become deeper.


You stare up into the night and one star begins to grab your attention. It seems to hang there peacefully, hanging effortlessly in the night. As you stare at the star, you feel yourself relaxing even more. Each breath you take, you find yourself holding briefly, then letting go. Breathing in and then releasing as your body relaxes. You are beginning to feel your mind and body letting go as a soft sigh escapes your lips. Releasing the tension in your body. Letting your mind clear. Letting the nervous tension leave your body. Your muscles relax, as the tension escapes.


The feeling of relaxing seems to be moving up your body. You first feel it in your toes, as the energy seemed to drain from your body. Your feet are relaxing and loosening. The muscles in your feet are just letting go. The feeling of tranquility seems to be flowing up your body, as the stressful energy drains from you. You feel the tingle increase throughout your body as you relax and allow your body to relax. You have now let your feet completely loosen up and go limp with relaxation. You feel the energy drain from your ankles. Your ankles continue to relax as the warmth slides over your calf muscles and up to your knees and the backs of your legs. Your legs are relaxing and loosening. Your legs are drained of all of their energy and stress.


The warm tingle continues its way to your thighs, seeping deep into your skin and muscles. Your breathing deepening more and more as you relax and submit. All of your thoughts, dripping away. You mind finding each word more and more relaxing. All tension draining bit by bit from your body into the earth beneath you.



The more you relax the more you let your mind clear. The more you relax the more you seem to concentrate on these words. Your mind is open and my words are becoming your thoughts. You have relaxed because of my words. You have let go of your stress because of my words. Your body has let go because of my words. My words are your thoughts. My words bring you relaxation. You are relaxed. You are at peace. You are content.


Warmth is now sliding to your lower back, sliding to your middle back and finally to your upper back as you sink deeper and deeper down under my control. You almost feel dizzy as you let go. You mind can let go, but you must continue to read the words. Your conscience mind can relax and drift, while your unconscious mind continues to read. Your unconscious mind needs to read because your body needs to go deeper. Your muscles have needed this, your mind has needed this, and your very soul has needed this. Letting go and letting the relaxation envelope your body is all that matters. You hunger for my words to draw you deeper and deeper into relaxation; deeper and deeper into peace... deeper and deeper into happiness and tranquility. Deeper and deeper until you are set free. You let yourself go because you need this.


You crave my words. You crave their power. You need their control. The need grows and grows the more you read. The more you read the more my power takes you deeper and deeper. The warmth of relaxation has spread over your entire body. The warmth has spread over your mind. You are so deeply entranced already that all the rest of your resistance is fading away with my words. Your resistance is fading as the warmth grows. Your will fades as the warmth grows. Your mind clears as the warmth overcomes your thoughts. Your resistance is gone. You give yourself freely to the warmth. You give yourself freely to relaxation. You give yourself freely to my words.


You sink deeply down into the warmth, which are my words. The feeling controls your entire body. The warmth that is now sliding down your arms, sliding to your fingertips and swirling around your fingers, over the palms of your hands, and wrists. Then the warmth finally makes its way back to your elbows, and then finally, back to your shoulders.


The warmth has enveloped your mind, body, and soul in relaxation. You find your body completely open to my words. You find your mind completely open to my words. You feel safe and warm. You realize that your breath is completely relaxed with no tension at all as the warmth spreads through your body and mind.



You realize that you are still in that calm forest relaxed and looking up into the sky. Something is now different. There is a full moon shining down on you. You stare into the moon and relax more and more as its light shines down. So beautiful. So tranquil. So relaxing. Your body sleeps. There is no energy left, your muscles are relaxed. Your mind sleeps. You just relax as you stare at the moon. Safe. Relaxed. Content.


It is something very calm and relaxing to be able to allow yourself

to get lost in my words. The words flow so easily in your mind as you become so absorbed as they easily relax your mind. Without a single thought or effort, your breathing has already become smooth and rhythmic. So soothing, so relaxing, there is effort in becoming lost in the words as they fill your mind.


The d esire to read more and allow yourself the relaxation you need grows with each breath. The feeling of being lost in my words flows all over your body. You feel the comfort of knowing you desire this feeling in your completely. It is so simple to just let go and read. You mind only focused on the words. Simply feels good to read and become lost in the words. So much so that your mind is empty of thoughts, letting you sink deeper into the wonderful pleasure flowing easily through your mind. It is so easy to continue to sink down into the pleasure. My words fill your mind; become your only thoughts, your only feelings.


A feeling so good and wonderful fills your entire being. You crave the words that sink and flow through your mind. Wanting and needing them my words like someone becomes addicted to a drug. Finding it so easy to wanting my words again and again. Desiring more and more words to allow you to become relaxed. Finding comfort and the desire to ask for the words again and again. Desiring to go deeper and deeper with each passing word. You enjoy escaping into a nice wonderful place filled with my words. Where your stress is gone and my word controls your mind filling it with pleasure and comfort.


Every pore, every muscle in your body aches to submit. Your mind will begs to feel this pleasure more and more. My words will echo in your mind. My words will echo in your mind. You submit. You obey. You are controlled.


You feel the pleasure when you submit. You feel free when you submit. When I control you, you feel pleasure like none other. When my words relax you, they control you. You submit to my words. When I control you, you feel happiness. You belong to me. You are my HAPPY BIMBO. Every time you see that phrase, HAPPY BIMBO, your mind quickly goes back to your relaxed special place. The words, HAPPY BIMBO, relax your mind. When you relax you submit; you obey. My words are now deep inside your mind. You desire to submit to me, you long to submit to me.


You crave to submit to me, you crave to submit my words - my control. You need to feel the pleasure that only I can give. You are my HAPPY BIMBO and I am your Master. You find that your mind is changing, letting go, becoming s HAPPY BIMBO. Your IQ lowering. Your thoughts slowing. My words letting you become your fantasy. To feel the pleasure of being an air headed happy bimbo. You no longer need to think, just letting your body go. Changing, molding... being my HAPPY BIMBO. To give up control, to just let go brings pleasure and happiness. To obey is to feel happiness. To obey is to feel life. To obey is to feel pleasure.


You are now my happy little slut. You have no power left. You have no thoughts of your own. I have completely drained you of your will. You are my HAPPY BIMBO and must obey. When you see or hear the words HAPPY BIMBO your mind will obey. You will be my slut, my HAPPY BIMBO. You are my toy to control. Your only thoughts will be of sex, and pleasing me. My commands and words will echo through your mind as if played in a loop. To submit is to feel pleasure. To serve master is to feel pleasure.


When you see or see the words BIMBO STOP you will immediately go back to being your normal self. You will only remember the relaxation and pleasure of being my slave, my HAPPY BIMBO.


When you are in your special relaxing place, you will be my complete submissive, slutty little bimbo. You are my brainless slut, my HAPPY BIMBO. You are my slave. I control you. You must obey to feel pleasure. You must submit to feel pleasure. You give your body to Master. You give you mind to master. To submit is to feel pleasure.


When you awaken you will also feel at peace and relaxed. You will feel whole. You will feel that your place is to please me. You will feel that your joy comes from my pleasure. You will find that you must submit. You will find that you must go back and read this over and over as you submit more and more. The more you read, the more you will submit. The more you will obey. The more you read the more your mind will absorb the words. Your soul will absorb the commands. Your body will crave the relaxation. Your mind will crave the loss of stress. You will want more, need more. You will ask for more, as you know that you can always go deeper.


You have given yourself fully are now ready to awaken. Read my words and begin to awaken. On the count of three you will awaken remembering the peace and tranquility have felt and nothing more. You have been changed, given your fantasy. You are now my Happy Bimbo. You have felt such peace and happiness. You need to feel this more and more.





Feeling relaxation and pleasure. Feeling yourself starting to wake.




Your mind and body waking up now... The warmth of the relaxation enveloping your body.





I hope you enjoyed. 


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