This site aims to bring into attention the story of one of the least known air forces of the world : the Romanian Air Force. Here I tried to track its history from the moment when first six Romanian officers started their pilot training to the last days of World War Two. All the informations and pictures contained here are either my own or are non-copyrighted material. However, should you find anything private info feel free to let me know.

A pair of IAR-80 fighters cruises over the Carpathian mountains. Probably 1942. The Romanian-built IAR-80 fighter was one of the few ones produced by "minor nations" which proved equal to most other fighters. From 1943 onwards it was outclassed by most of its oponents, but it remained in frontline service until the end of the war.

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Romania was one of the first nations which understood the potential of the airplane, although in 1911, when six Romanian oficers started to train for becoming pilots. Romanian airmen fought with distinction in WW1, and the story was just getting started.

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The ARR employed many different types of planes during World War Two. Amongst them there were the famous Ju-88 and Ju-87, the legendary Messerschmitt Bf-109, and, last but not least, the Romanian IAR-80 fighter, one of the "forgotten heroes" of World War Two

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On the 22nd of June 1941, Romania entered World War Two on the Axis side. The ARR was the thrown into its first campaign together with the German Luftflotte IV. Ahead laid four years of brutal war, during which over 1100 Romanian airmen gave their lives...

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The first plane built in Romania was a Farman biplane, assembled in 1911 at Chitila airfield and used for pilot training. By the late 20's, three companies ( IAR, SET and ICAR ) had been fonded and were already turning out large numbers of modern aircraft...........

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The history of Romanian paratroopers begins on the 10th of June 1941, when the first training unit was created. Eventually, a full battalion was trained and although they never made a combat jump, they proved their worth during late August 1944, when they faced the Germans..

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Notes Disclaimer

Many foreign publications and books refer to the Romanian air force using the term FARR, considered to be the abbreviation from Fortele Aeriene Regale Romane ( meaning The Romanian Royal Air Forces ). However, it is a mistake, as the official designation was Aeronautica Regala Romana ( meaning The Romanian Royal Aeronautics ), abbreviated as ARR. This was the official name, used by all the documents throughout the war.

This site does not have any political purposes. It does not support any Nazi or Neo-Nazi theories, and it does not intend to offend anyone. Its author has no financial gains from this site.

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