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The family welcomes you to our website, Wayne, Chrissie, Christal, Sarah, Allen, and Tammy together with all of their respective partners, Jeremy, Richard, Jonie and Yazz. (Not to mention Bump)

Our Family Heritage
This family tree explores the roots of the Thornley's, Conroy's, Chadwick's, Turners, Jolly's, Dagnan's, Brooks' and Lyles'. From Ireland to England, America, Canada and Australia, the family has emigrated, settled and multiplied!
Our Ancestors
The American Revolution and Civil War saw our ancestors fighting, the Potato famine in Ireland saw them forced to leave their homes, Lancashire in England seemed to be a popular staging post. Australia and Canada are mysteries yet to be solved
Names being researched

Thornley from Bolton Lancashire
Chadwick from Bolton Lancashire
Turners - specifically Elizabeth and brother James from Lancashire
Conroys from Ireland to St Helens Lancashire
Jolly from Scotland to America
Dagnan from Ireland to America
Brooks from England settled in Alabama
Lyle from the UK to America

Any help on the above would be most appreciated!
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The Chadwicks - Chaddies!
The Thornleys
The Conroys
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The Dagnans
The Jolly's
Helen Jolly Brooks
The Brooks
Francis R Dagnan
Dagnan Family Reunion 2003
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Walter Brooks
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