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3248 N Drake Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618
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My desire to help others is demonstrated through the law. I am Bilingual in Spanish and English, have excellent legal research skills, and strong communication skills. Reaching for my goals to one day own my own law firm.


Bachelors Degree in Political Science (in progress) -Northeastern Illinois University. Expected Graduation date is May 2022.
Paralegal Certified from Northeastern Illinois University - Spring 2020
Associates of Science Degree -Northeastern Illinois University.- Spring 2014
Current GPA: 4.0
Link to NEIU
  1. PARALEGAL- CHEPOV & SCOTT LLC - February 2021-Present
    • Right hand man to my boss.
    • Deal with the clients one on one.
    • Take time out of my day to ensure the clients needs are met.
    • Have a few cases that I am working on my own earning experience and knowledge. LawyerGif
  2. ASSOCIATE BANKER -J.P Morgan Chase - June 2018-January 2021
    • Introduced differetn loans to new custmers while keeping the current customers happy.
    • Played Teller role when needed.
    • Assisted in payments for credit cards.
    • Kept a close eye to avoid fraud.
    • Dealt with customers one and one to solve any issuesthey may have had.
      Personal Interest & Background
      1. Soccer
        • I like to play soccer on the weekends with some close friends.
        • In high school I played soccer as a sport.
        • As time went by, I had less time to play but I managed to still incorporate it into my life.
      2. Dogs
        • Looking to one day have a big house with a big yard to adopt many more dogs
        • I am a big animal advocate
        • I have 3 Dogs at home: Two Pitbulls and One Shih-pooh
        Beni the shih-pooh
      3. Video Games
        • On my free time during the week, I like to play Video Games with friends
        • I use it as a way to de-stress from work
        • It is a way for me to play and catch up with my friends
        • Some poeple read, I like to play Video Games when I can

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