I. To three months, the Consejo General de Huelga declares:

1. The government has tried EVERYTHING against our movement, and they have not been able to stop to us. The "patriarcales" voices request the brute force against our strike; directors of universities and cameras add themselves to the repressive voices and until the high clergy threatens our fight and he requests the aggression to our strike. The university authorities, the government and the cupolas of powerof different sectors do not stop their millionaire attacks against the students wasting the university budget. Threats, physical aggressions, calumnies, harassment, psychological war; the recent cut of light and water in the preparatory three and two CCH'S, etc. EVERYTHING against the students and HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO DOUBLE to US. All this force raised against us makes evident that what there is behind the imposed reforms is the same neoliberal project that in other headings too much damage has done to our country.

2. They cannot with the Strike, for two fundamental reasons: one, that our decision to defend the right of all to study, we took with firmness and conviction. Our fight is legitimate to defend the principle of the gratuitous education, to make reality the right to the education, is something that does not have price, reason why it is fought and it gains, and we are arranged to win.

The second reason is that the people is with us, not only because we are its children and we fought for its children; it is with us because they know that we fought against the same policy that squashes to all us, against the neoliberal mandates that dictate to the wage tops, the privatizations of companies and hospitals, and all those measures that until today have sunk to more than 50 million of Mexican in the poverty, at the same time that has made a few millionaires richer who take control of the wealth produced by million workers. People are with us because it knows that our fight is because all those resource return to the population, part of it in education, and that the government lets give them to the richest. They are with us, because are not either arranged to allow that the education pass to be from right to a service by which there is to pay.

3. The people is with us and thus they make us feel. Strike has been maintained with base in the received support. From the storings of the children of the street, departments and popular colonies; the primary and secondary children who distribute our papers in ticket form; the workers who search deep in their pockets to throw a coin to our cans; and thousand samples more of affection and support that we have no space to enlist them. The prolonged applause and heavy cans that gather our brigades in Assemblies of Barzonistas, the SME, workers of Pascual, ejidatarios and comuneros of the Valley of Mexico and many more; until the breath voices that arrive to us from Chiapas of the Zapatistas, of our companions of the universities of province and the foreigner, etc. The endorsement of the workers of the SITUAM with its unemployment and its tons of storing; of the workers of the SITRAJOR with its credits and reductions for the publication of unfolded. The presence in marches and guards of Strike of the working electricians and the STUNAM; of the teachers of Michoacan and the D.F.; of the people of the FPFV, the CUT, the BOS, Assembly of Districts and many other organizations more. The support and unconditional endorsement of the professors of the University Academic Assembly and parents of family.

4. To all of them we say: thanks. We know, like you, that on the outcome of our movement, will depend much in the correlation of forces that is dominated national level for the fights against the privatization of the electrical energy and the hospitals, the fights of the students of the public universities, the colonos and farmers and of all the contingents that resist to the neoliberal policy of the government. While we have you, the threats that come and aggressions that come, have by insurance that we are not going away to double.

5. To maintain strike during 3 months has not been easy. There is physical, but nonmoral fatigue; and of the physical fatigue we recovered with energy of the support and endorsement of the population, and of the joy of the marches, last the past the 9 of July, to 82 days of strike, the mobilization greater than we have made. The government and his civil employees in the UNAM were mistaken when thinking that extending the conflict they would defeat to us. They were mistaken when thinking that all the force unfolded against our strike would be sufficient to make us waver. They continue caressing the possibilities of the repression. We say to them: Misters Zedillo, Barnés and Labastida, nor try it, you will return to be mistaken. All their threats do not scare to us, the movement will not stop, and they would not solve anything, would only aggravate the situation, only would give us more reasons to maintain us until the triumph.

II. The " Encounter " with the university authorities: a farce

The position of the Commission of Encounter (EC) of the Rectoría of the UNAM, during 4 days of encounter, was one: to demand the surrender of the CGH in exchange for a pardon, and nothing else.

1. The fundamental causes that they originated the conflict, are not reduced to the imposition of the regulation of payments of 15 of March passed, as they said the authorities. Strike exploded in all the schools by 6 points: i) Gratuitous education, that it implies the abrogation of the regulation of payments and the elimination of all the illegal collections by proceedings, services, equipment and materials. II) Derogation of the reforms that eliminated passes, the respect to the selection of race automatic and that prevent that many students conclude their studies in UNAM. III) Respect to the university autonomy in terms of which is the UNAM that selects and evaluates their students, with the consequent cancellation of all bond with Democratic and Decisive the CENEVAL. iv) University congress; v) Dismantling of the police apparatus mounted by the Director to watch and to control to the college students and the act cancellation and sanctions against the students, academic and working participants in the movement. vi) Extension of the scholastic calendar so many days as the inverted ones in the movement.

2. The regulation of payments imposed the 7 of June does not solve, nor partially the first point of our petitionary sheet, on the contrary. On the one hand, the establishment of semester quotas with fixed amount and " voluntary " character, is the threat of which at any time, when it lowers the mobilization, the quotas they become obligatory, for which the authorities would only have to reunite to its University Advice and to change a word of the regulation. On the other hand, the new imposed regulation establishes that the illegal collections (by proceedings, services, equipment and materials) are legalized, extends the list of things to receive and all the schools and faculties extend to, collections that in sum would represent a greater amount to pay than the one of "the voluntary" quotas.

3. Respond to our demands does not violate any order, is enough that Director reunites to its University Advice and solves, the only thing that needs is will. Refuse to do it, using the argument of which "the institutional order is violated", it is not more than a pretext.

4. We want to discuss and to decide with all the college students the global transformation that requires the UNAM, for that reason demanded a Democratic and Decisive Congress. But this discussion cannot occur on the base of the reforms neoliberal imposed in our university, reforms that are transforming it now into the direction dictated by the World Bank and the OECD taking it to the service of the market; reforms that either is sending to study "technician in refrigeration " to students of low resources" that wishes to have a university degree, that or they are bordering the desertion to students who commanded to majors that did not choose, that from year 2003 they will expel to most of the students from the UNAM not finishing in the imposed limits (and these are more than the two third parts of the students, according to data of the own UNAM). The authorities must give reverse gear in those reforms, and over that base we will pass all to discuss the course that must follow the University National. If in this discussion it gains the neoliberal project, ahead; but the authorities know that they would lose and for that reason they refuse to open this decisive space.

5. We are not requesting pardon by anything. They are the university government and his civil employees those that would have to request pardon by the damage that has done to the UNAM and the whole Nation when trying to privatize the superior education.

6. The refusal of the authorities to annul to the activities extrawalls, is a sample more of than the interest by the academic excellence that they announce is not more than demagoguery. The extrawalls developed during strike are the greater academic fraud than never the National University has lived: students and professors who attend under threats, trim of the agendas, gift of qualifications, give of the questions of examinations before the day of the examination, etc. The CGH demands the cancellation of this great fraud.

7. The rise of strike is not subject to any pardon, but to the exact solution of the 6 points of the petitionary sheet.

8. The authorities refused to develop the discussion on our demands in a public dialogue. The CGH raised that they discussed and that, product of that discussion, rectoria evaluated the answer that they would give us. But beforehand they established that its answer to the substantial points that originated strike is NO; that is to say, beforehand they refuse to listen to us, although they let speak to us. That is not to have will to solve the conflict. The CGH maintains their exigency of public, opened and decisive dialogue. The Director has the word.

III. We invited to all to strike

To the social organizations, union and of colonos, to the housewifes, the parents of family, the teachers and the students of all the levels to turn upside down to strike, and to give life him in all the city, all the country.



we will win!


Julio 20, 1999

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