We are in the fourth week of strike, almost a month of initiate unemployment in the UNAM. The director, Barnes de Castro, is the only person in charge of this situation. After the massive mobilizations that we have made, in front the strike itself, in front the fact that does not exist who endorses to Barnes in the UNAM, beyond its civil employees, the director does not understand and he refuses to give an answer to the movement. In front of this we showed to all the college students and all the population:

1. He does not respond to the Public Dialogue. The Barnes commission, formed supposedly to find the way to the dialogue, as already we said, is a ridicule. On one hand, it does not recognize the CGH like the interlocutor of this movement; but only like one more opinion than they would listen later, on the basis of all the gathered opinions, say, that the director decides. On the other hand, that commission does not have a decisive character, so that it is not a commission that represents Barnes to seat to discuss, public and openly, with a commission that represents the CGH and to can solve on the raised demands or the dialogue itself.

2. He does not respond to the petitionary sheet. The director has not mentioned anything on five of the 6 points raised in the petitionary sheet; and, on the regulation of payments, he tries to reduce the discussion to pospone, suspend or the derogation of his regulation, to the modifications that could be done to it; at the same time which it continues its campaign on the "justice" in its regulation, and the discredit of those who we are against it.

3. The only and true answer that we have obtained has been the repression. A day of strike has not passed without we receive a threat of expulsion, imprisonment, and lately of death; it has not spent a day without a new aggression of the "porros" or civil employees of the director against the strikers is added. As an example, goes some cases:

- Two kidnappings and one more aggression undergone by the companions Juan Carlos Zarate of South CCH, with reiterated death threats, one of which they were done it placing a pistol to him in the mouth.

- Mayo 16. Israel Flores Aguilar, student of the ENEO, is kidnapped and receives threats of death against him and his daughter, in case of continuing in the movement.

- Mayo 14. Students of several schools that integrated a pacific fence in the entrance of the school of St. John's, where classes were summoned extrawalls, were attacked by "porros" that used a strategy of professional "golpeadores"; they made pass in line through to the companions kicking them and striking them. Three students of Law were strongly struck, one of them became inconsous.

- Mayo 12. Several buses with students of ENEP Aragon, that went to the march, were waited by "porros". They threw firecrackers to the students and they struck the buses. Was a hurt companion, with glasses in the face.

- Mayo 11. Students of all the university mounted pacific fences in the premises where the authorities mentioned to examinations extrawalls to the higher school students. In all the cases there were aggressions of authorities, "porros" and "golpeadores" against parents, teachers and students. In Cuauhtemoc 60 (a famous bar where extrawall clases were taking place) the director of Prepa 7, Joaquin Meza Coria headed to the "porros" that strongly attacked four strikers of th same preparatory. In the same place, a student of Sciences was kidnapped and introduced in a small room where several civil employees struck it. The attacked ones went to the Delegation to raise the corresponding act and, after seeing enter the director, it announced to them, to the attacked ones, that they were stopped by illegal deprivation of the freedom.

4. We are not going to allow that the aggressions remains unpunished; and, we will not allow any act more of repression. The Assemblies of each school are discussing the measures to take, to decide in the next meeting of the CGH. If the director tries to frighten to us with his savagery, is mistaken. It does not frighten to us, far from that, grows our indignation, our conviction to transform the things into the UNAM, and our disposition to fight.

5. Everything seems to indicate that the director bets to the extension of Strike, looking for to wear us. Also in this he is mistaken. We insist, we are convinced of the justice of our demands, of the nobility of our movement, of which the education must guarantee for all; and, if to defend this, we must face a long strike, we will do it. Here there is no possible wearing down. We are not going to waver. We bet to the reason, that it is of our side. We bet to all the college students of the country, to those who we summoned to fight together against a plan that is not only for the UNAM, but for all the public universities. We bet to the workers and all the population, to those who we summoned to fight together against the policy of the government who not only affects the students, but who prevail against all the population. Nevertheless, we are not arranged to continue to the infinite hoping an answer or trying to engage in a dialog with which is completely incapable or, at least, without disposition to solve the things. For that reason,

The Consejo General de Huelga makes a public location to the director Francisco Barnes de Castro:

If for next day 20 of May, there is no a satisfactory answer to the petitionary sheet nor to the public dialogue, this CGH will not know their capacity to direct the National University, it will not know his capacity to solve the conflict, and we will pass to look for the interlocutor that we consider the more suitable to engage in a dialog with him and to solve the things.

6. Again we make our exposition explicit of Public Dialogue:

a) This it will have to be made between a commission of 13 people named by the Director (who will be able to include it or not), and a commission of 13 people named by the CGH.

b) The subjects to discussion in the table of dialog are:

1. The general regulation of payments.

2. The general regulation of examinations and inscriptions.

3. The agreements between the UNAM and the CENEVAL.

4. The activities of the Main directorate of Information and Protection of the Community; the existence of the groups of "porros" in the university; the functions of the prefects in the Baccalaureate; as well as the sanctions and acts raised against students, professors and workers by its democratic participation in the UNAM.

5. The necessity of a global transformation of the university, from the forms of government, the allocation and the handling of the budget, the plans and programs of study, the reform announced already by Barnes for the Degree, and all the subjects of interest of the college students; as well as the space in where it will discuss and decided, by the university community as a whole, this transformation.

6. The school calendar.

c) the representation of the director must have the capacity to decide and to solve on the raised subjects.

d) Will have to be made in an audience of University City, to open doors.

e) With the presence of Radio and TV UNAM, to be transmitted live.

At the moment at which the director shows disposition to the Dialogue (before day 20), in the raised terms, the CGH will pass to name its 13 commissioners, who will be rotated of between 111 representatives chosen by the Assemblies, 3 by each School and Faculty and 3 of the potsgraduated students. Within the 13, always there will be 3 students of the Preparatory ones, 3 of the CCH's, 3 of the peripheral Schools and Faculties, 3 of those of City University, and one of the Postgraduated student.


We will win!

Consejo General de Huelga

18 of May of 1999
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