Hub Market Ritual Child Molesters Sex Abuse Silver Lake Los Angeles California USA 1960s to 1980s The Hub Mart


FYI - The purpose for this article is to help document and expose / shed light upon the activities of ritual child abuse offenders / perpetrators localized and operating within the Silver Lake community of Los Angeles California in the 1960s through the 1980s , at a grocery outlet then known as the Hub Market.

The Hub Market was eponymously the "Hub" of the community in the 1960s. Although demarcated as the friendliest market in town, a more sinister and dark side was unknown to the Silver Lake community at the time. Testimonial points of fact corroborate sexual assaults on women and children, the killing of dogs and animals, along with sustained / severe physical trauma / torture according to survivors / witnesses by the market manager ( Victor Pacheco ) and his coworker accomplices. Victor presided as the manager for over 25 years.

My name is Shawn Howard and I grew up in the Silver Lake community of Los Angeles in the 1960s. In 1969 at the age of three and a half, my father left my brother and I at the Hub Market in the care of Victor Pacheco. The events that occurred that day are unspeakable. And I don't want to grieve anyone with the details. But I completely repressed the trauma / memories until they came to the surface in 1991 approximately ; my brother helped me remember speaking with me on the telephone. I knew I had a mental illness condition, but I didn't know the origin or the events responsible.

I have been in ongoing professional treatment for over 15 years. And I hope that other survivors of similar childhood events seek the necessary professional help. God bless and sincerely, Shawn Howard.


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