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  From start to finish, the building construction process entails any form of construction that is not simple; it may necessitate a significant amount of time and cost. Despite the fact that building construction takes a long time and is a tiresome job, the end result is a long-term value for us. The construction of a residential structure is a methodical procedure carried out by professionals.  

Stone is a necessary and more long-lasting building resource than other natural building raw materials. Stones can be used for flooring, roofing, False Ceiling, brickwork, paving roads, road margin and as aggregates in lightweight concrete or concrete, depending on the kind.

Also if you are a civil engineering student you have to learn too many things like: 

IS code for civil engineering like is 875

Different types of test on cement

Planning and construction knowledge about 20×50 house plan

strap footing, retro fittingmodulus of resilience etc. 

And If you are going to be a Surveying Engineer, then you should know anout the following topics

traverse in surveying

the rise and fall method

manufacturing of bricks

types of beam

manufacturing of cement by dry process

reconnaissance survey


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