The Lorax Questions


1)     The Once-ler moved across the land in his wagon. He came upon a new region with an important natural resource.  What was this natural resource the Once-ler found?

2)     The Once-ler used the land's natural resource to start a business which made and sold a product. What was the product? How was it used by buyers?

3)     A "Thneed" is defined as a fine thing that everyone thinks they need (but probably really don't). In your opinion, what are some examples of thneeds in modern society?

4)     The Lorax appeared at this point and asked the Once-ler some angry questions. What did the Lorax want to know of the Once-ler? How did the Once-ler answer?

5)     What technology did the Once-ler invent to increase the production of thneeds?

6)     The use of technology requires the use of natural resources. The use of natural resources often has an effect on the environment. How did the production of thneeds affect a key biotic (i.e., living) natural resource, truffula trees?

7)     Interdependence is an important characteristic of the environment. Living things depend on certain abiotic (non-living) and biotic (living) factors. Certain animals depended on truffula trees. Name the animals. Explain why these animals needed truffula trees.

8)     Often, technological production creates "byproducts." For example, a byproduct of sawing wood is sawdust. Sometimes the byproducts of technology are unwanted or dangerous (for example, poisonous chemicals) and are pollutants in the environment. Sometimes byproducts are useful. (For example, wood chips can be used to make particle board.) Name the byproducts that resulted from making thneeds.  Indicate if they are useful or not.

9)      The fish and swans were affected by the byproducts of making thneeds. Explain how the byproducts and making thneeds affected these animals.

10) The Once-ler's business failed. What happened to cause the failure of this business?   What happened to the workers and the town after the Once-ler's factory closed?

11) The Once-ler learned that he had made a serious mistake. What, in your opinion, was his mistake?

12) Explain what, in the Once-ler's opinion, must happen for the Lorax and his animals to return.


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