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Music Horn MIDI files

Music Horn MIDI files

Welcome to Music Horn Website!

Music Horn Ltd. is founded in 2007 and is dedicated to the art of creation of MIDI files.

The main efforts are focused on satisfy the needs of the professional musicians of high quality MIDI files for their live performance and studio work.

The activity of the firm also is directed to the amateur musicians and the other creative people with own music ideas.

The main emphasis of our work is high quality, not only accurate reproduction of the musical material, but maximum preservation of the character and spirit of the music.

A key feature of midi files is their extreme flexibility. They allow you to do things with them that are impossible with any other audio file format. Most often this refers to the transposition of the tonality without changing the sound quality, while with audio files the compromise is unavoidable in this case.

Unlike sound files, which only have two channels - left and right, midi files are multi-channel. This allows individual instruments to be edited, remixed (desirable when changing keyboards), or muted altogether. If you're a solo singer, for example, you'll probably want to mute the main melody.

Midi files even allow changing the arrangement of the song. For example, if you are a solo artist and your main instrument is the piano, you could only use the tracks of drums and bass if you want to sound like a trio. Some would also use one of the brass instruments, or a strings, if available in the particular arrangement. Because all kinds of combinations are possible, this allows you to sound different every time you play the same song.

Perhaps some of you are members of small orchestras, and it has probably happened that one of your colleagues was absent for some reason. This is a problem for others, but if you have quality midi files in your repertoire, just run the corresponding instrument through your synth.

When recording live in a studio, real quality and professional midi files can do a great job. With proper equipment, they can replace any musician or group of musicians. They could also be used when playing difficult or impossible pieces of music.

The possibilities and application of professional midi files is huge.
We can help with our long time experience in the music and MIDI programming.

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