Website Idea -King Autoland

Summary - This website will help the user sarch and purchase car parts from different manufuctures and autoshops and also compare the prices. The website would be able to match the correct parts that fit the desired car that needs parts.

Content - This site will contain images and text. It will rely heavily on images since the user have to look through the images to compare the parts they need. Their would be also descriptive texts and links.

Competition - My competitor would be Partsgeek which is a simlar website that sells autopartsas well Some of the things i like about this site are; lots of discriptive texts. lots of image usage. easy to use navigation tools. customer rating of the items sold and also reviews. Some of my deslikes would be; way too much content in their home page that makes the page crowded. too many links that may confuse users. poor image quality.

Purpose - The purpose of this site would be , to assit the user in comparing prices of the same part from different major shops for better prices in one place rather than jumping from one website to another.

Desired Results - I expect users to be able to purchase different items through the the website.

Target Audience - The target audience would be anyone looking to fix there car and need replacement parts.