Hong Kong University Students' Union (HKUSU)
Exposure Trip : Philippines
香港大學學生會 藍帽子 周游列國 : 「尋找菲律賓的故事」
In Cooperation with League of Filipino Students (LFS), Philippines


好玩 刺激 可怕 可憐 溫馨 公義
Fun Exciting Horrible Caring Righteous

Day 1: Jeepney - 我地話好玩! Fun! (Click photos to see 300dpi ones).

Day 4: 跳河 - 差 D 跌落水 - 刺激! Jump the River - almost fell - Exciting!

Day 2: Payatas 垃圾山 - 可怕! Dumpsite - Horrible! [NB it collapsed in July 2000] May wish to jump to Day 5 and return!?

Day 2: 拾荒男孩 - 繁華的背後 - 可憐! Boy Scavengers - behind others' wealth - Let's show sympathy!

Day 4: Pretty Girl or Yellow McDonald Dog- 溫馨!

Day3: or 總統公仔 Estrada "Erap" Doll/Effigy - Rally against Corruption - an old woman said "Erap is Corrupt"! - 公義! [NB he was ousted in the Jan 2001 People Power2]

  1. Objectives, Itinerary, Members, and their Views/Stories of the above March 2000 Trip001.

  2. A Philippine Student Newspaper - the Trinity Observer
  3. The National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP) supports the students
  4. Reference Materials on the Philippines, including photos, links, and those suggested by HKUSU.
  5. Acknowledgement with thanks to all the sources and many others.

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藍帽子 代表 我地 重未 青出于藍 - 大學的目標 Blue cap means we have not yet "achieved excellence" - a traditional Chinese proverb for teachers and students.

周游列國 是 孔子 教學 的一個手法 Exposure Trips by touring the nations was a teaching method used by Confucius.

This website is the 3rd draft designed and written for the HKUSU by Anthony C.H. CHUA 蔡誌慶, PhD Student in Law, HKU, and member of Trip001, on 10 March 2000 (then 26 March 2000, 8 Mar 2001) pending formal approvals from the Trip members and from HKUSU, and pending linkage/transfer to the HKUSU website.

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