Bad Weathersdorf in Austria was host to the 1999 World Hot Air Balloon Championships in late August and Richard assembled his Team of English Yokels as Crew plus Nigel and Thi from Hong Kong to fly the Cathay Pacific balloon for Hong Kong. The accomodation in local Styrian Farmhouses proved excellent value albeit a little rustic, adding to the flavour of the event.

     10 tasks were flown with the vagaries of the weather affecting many of the tasks. After the first task, the Team were lying 41st but with a very clean balloon after the passing shower had ruined the task for most. On day 2 the Team found the tasks more challenging and crept up into the top 20. Steady scores brought a gradual improvement and culminated with a great solo final flight to leave Richard and the G-CXCX team in 7th place overall and with the Team prize for Hong Kong.

     A great effort by all concerned - Richard Parry - Pilot and Team Tactician, Nigel Black - Crew Chief and Welfare Officer, Thi - Chief Observer (Hong Kong), Chris & Barbara Compton - Muscle & Baggage Co-ordinators, Len Page - Driver and Communications Consultant, Jackie Crosby - Team Doctor for Harmony and Stress Relief and finally, but by no means least, the wonderful Ernst from Wien - Troubleshooter and Shortcut Guru for Styria.

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