The Hong Kong Balloon and Airship Club was formed in 1974, and now has some 30 members. In the early days, “free” flying in Hong Kong was occasionally possible in the Sai Kung area and for a brief time the Club even had an airship. Nowadays, flights in Hong Kong are restricted to “tethered” events, mostly during the autumn and winter months. The Club operates several balloons and attends international balloon events overseas whenever possible.

     It is unfortunately not possible to train for a balloon pilot’s licence in Hong Kong because of the restrictions on flying. However, you can gain plenty of valuable and enjoyable crewing experience at both the tethered events and at any overseas meet you attend (where there is usually a chance to “free” fly). The Club has an active social calendar, regularly meeting for dinner at various venues throughout Hong Kong.

     For further information, send the HKBAC an e-mail by visiting the 'Contacts' page. For a history of the club, visit Origins Of The HKBAC.

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