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    Junkers J9            Junkers F13              Junkers W33 
    Junkers W34           Junkers G38              Junkers G24
    Junkers A50           Junkers Ju52             Junkers Ju86
    Junkers Ju87          Junkers Ju88/188         Junkers Ju287      
    Junkers EF126         Junkers EF128            Junkers EF132 


Introduction, Technical Hints, FAQ

This page is dedicated to users of Microsoft Flight Simulators. Here you will find various Junkers aircraft models, which can be used with Microsoft Simulators FS4, FS5 or the FS6 and FS98 or FS2000. Most of the aircraft models are developed for FS5 plus Bao Flight Shop. Please read the section about the System Requirements before you try to download an aircraft model. With the first release of this page in February 1997 there were a total of 21 aircraft designs. With this new release there are 64 files now.

A Great Thank you! to those, who painted or designed Junkers Aircraft Models:
Norman Turner for his Luftwaffe Ju86 textures
Alpha Simulations for their great WW I designs
Dennis Simanatis for the first G38 design
Dave Nellist for a great Ju52 texture
Hauke Keitel for the first Ju86 panel
Chuck Dome for his Ju87 panel
Bill Yiannakos for his Ju88 panel
Jorgen Unschuld for his Ju188 panel
Hambly for the Jumo Soundfiles
M. Anderle for his EF128 and EF132 designs.
Pierino Primavesi for his Ju Air IWC Ju52 and other great Ju52s!
Andrea Battaglino for his intensive paint work on Ju52s and Ju87
Relik for the repaints of Chris Lampard's Ju188
Alexander Belov for the world's first G24 design
Bertil Nilsson, who developed the first Ju86 for Microsoft FS
Jalmari Pipo for his F13 and Ju52 of Aero O/Y
Thomas Ferber for his F13, Ju52 and Ju188 cockpit panels
Sigfrid Roig for his Spanish AF Casa 352
Raúl A. Rodríguez for his Aeroposta Argentina Ju52
Kobus Botes for his SAA Ju52 Jan Riebeck
Harald Geier + Helmut Busch for their Ju52 panel
Herve Devred for his Ju87/Ju88 design
HighRaider for his FS4 Ju287 design
Chris Lampard for the first Ju188
Terry Hill for the first Ju88 design
H.v.d. Heide for his FS4 Ju87
Paul Dixon for his Ju87
DocBlake for his Ju87 design
Don Incoll for his basic work on Ju87 structures
Pegasus Design for their Ju87s and EF126
Dennis Wasnich for his Ju87
Paul Michaels for his Ju52 designs
Bob Wening for his Ju52
Torben Jensen for his DNL Ju52
Mike Hill for his Ju52 designs
Avalon Workshop for their C.R.E. F13 design
Keith Schevling for his J9 design
Goetz Scheuermanns for his Ju52
Mauricio Rozo for his SCADTA models F13 and W33
Wolfram Beckert for his great F13 Model
Wolgang Wagner for his Ju52 designs
Ernest Millward for his FS4 Ju52 design

Attention to FS4 users:
You will need the Aircraft Designer of Microsoft to run a FS4 model.
You have no chance to run any aircraft designed for FS5 or later.

Attention to FS5 users:

No chance to run a FS4 model
You will ned the Bao Flight Shop to run even a FS5 model.
To run a FS96 or FS98/2000 model just take the *.AIR and *.AF? files
into your aircraft dierectories. Don't know, what you can do with the
sound and panel files of the FS98, try it.

Attention to FS6/FS96 (FS for Windows 95) users:

No chance to run a FS4 model.
Designs for FS5+BAO will run on FS96, you will not need BAO!
You just need to convert them with the Microsoft
FSCONV Utility
Designs for FS98 or later may run, just take the *.AIR, *.AF? and *.MDL files

Attention to FS98 users:

No chance to run a FS4 model.
Designs for FS5 or FS96 will run without any Addon.
You just need to convert them with the Microsoft
FSCONV98 Utility
Currently I did not notice, that FS2000 files will not run on FS98.

Attention to FS2000 users:

same as FS98 users.
All aircraft/files are tested on FS2000.
For FS95/96 file conversions use
which you will find in your FS Directory already.

Some Flight Sim Links

Finally here are some links to Flight Simulator related sites on the web, which I found usefull or interesting. If you are also interested in some general Junkers related links, just go to my Hugo Junkers Link Page.

1. Junkers Aircraft Designer Homepages

THANKS to all FS-Junkers-designers !!!
Visitors, please visit their great homesites for giving your tribute
by signing their guestbooks or by clicking their counters.

Junkers Ju52/3m for Flight Simulator 2000
by Primero Primavesi

Alpha Simulations

Torben Schou Jensen's Homepage

Pegasus Aviation Design

Terry Hill's Sim Air Workshop

Runway 27

Mike Hill's Homepage

Don Incoll's Homepage

Old Wing's Homepage

HGHB German Virtual Instruments

technic direct GmbH

2. Other FS Homepages


Dave Middleton's FS Site

(formerly: The Strip)

IUP Uploads
(formerly: Mike Mirando's FlightSim Uploads)

(The International Association for Flight Simulation)

Microsoft Homepage

3. Ring Memberships

... and of course the "Hugo Junkers Homepage" is a Ring Member of the following rings:

The Flightsim Ring
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