( 1916 ______ )


Translated from Armenian by Daniel Janoyan
Glendale 1984

O ye Armenian teacher, explain to our children
The old legend of HAIG and BEL,
Our forefathers’ true song
Which has been retold endlessly
In NAYIRIAN spirit, with vigor and creativity —
Incomprehensible and very vague indeed.

O ye teacher, keep explaining,
Continue to teach KOMIDAS’s wisdom
The fiery words of CHARENTS and VAROUJAN
And so long as you are alive
Keep spelling the names of those noble men;
Be persistent, o ye weary and heart broken son of MESROB.You taught in Paris and in Los Angeles,
Proceed to Adis Ababa and to Damascus,
Go to Australia and also to Chicago
And see for yourself how great a job
You are burdened with, o ye Armenian teacher.
And on your way how many crooked lives
And how many treacherous and cowardly
People did you meet?
But regardless, for continuous centuries
You kept teaching the truth to people unjust,
You have indeed endured very difficult ancient days
And therefore I ask you to keep on this way.Keep teaching and denying yourself;
Keep strong, never mind if you are tortured
So long as you are alive;
Continue to live with wise words
For the sake of our children
And keep giving without any limit
Spending generously and receiving very little
O ye Armenian teacher, the very first child of ancient Armenia.

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