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  O B J E C T I V E,    K N O W L E D G E    &   S K I L L S    Top
Many years of diverse experience with significant accomplishments in Software Engineering. Areas of knowledge and skills include:


- Object-Oriented Technology - Analysis, Design and Implementation according to UML/RUP
- Data Modeling and Normalization - Application Development with Relational and Object-Relational Databases
- Database Design, Implementation, Maintenance - Architecture of Projects with Focus on Software Reuse
- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Evaluation - Techniques and Tools for Internet Applications Development
- Ecommerce Application Knowledge & Practice - Implementing, Administering and Supporting Local Area Network (LAN)
- Information Systems Integration - Project Planning and Management


  P R O F E S S I O N A L   E X P E R I E N C E    Top

2000 – Present – APPIANT TECHNOLOGIES INC. (Current Job)
[ Pleasanton, CA, USA ] 


Analysis, design, implementation and test of middleware components (servlets, JSPs) for Client/Server applications (3/n tiers). Implementation of Java SAX Parser and use of JDBC, JNDI and LDAP protocol to synchronize information coming from Oracle via XML files to Netscape LDAP directory service. Generation of grammar files for the Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Engine and TUI (Telephone User Interface). Implementation of alert components based on Java Messaging Service API (JMS) for notification purpose and to perform  events according to type of messages. Generation of client and web components to allow user to upload and control folders/documents on the server side. Design and creation of database schemas. J2EE architecture and J2ME for programming to wireless devices. Installation and customization of Bugzilla (bug tracker) from


  • 2001 UCi Unified Comunication with Information. Provides corporations with a product that creates to their users a single real-time multimedia inbox for their emails, voicemails, text messages, faxes, and documents that can be accessed from different devices such as laptops, palms and telephones. Includes voice command, alert manager, document manager, calender manager, contact manager and other features.
  • 2001 In Unison Provides corporations with a product that enables them to unify messages from many devices into one web portal. Includes voice command, calender manager and contact manager.


        Java, JDBC, JNDI, LDAP Protocol for Directory Service, Servlets/JSPs, JMS for messaging services, Java Mail, Windows NT and UNIX platform (Linux and SunOS 5.7). XML for transfering information between network applications(Sax Parser). CVS for Unix version control. Oracle JDeveloper as IDE under NT. VI editor under Unix. Extensive focus on performance by making use of Threads to execute tasks cuncurrently. Apache, Tomcat, and JRun Web/Application Servers. Oracle 8/8i/9i, SQL Server, MYSQL and LDAP databases as backends. Exposure to PERL due to bugzilla customization. J2ME for developing MIDlets.


1999 – 2000 – marchFIRST
[ San Francisco, CA, USA ]


Analysis, design, and implementation of Client/Server applications (3 tiers) for clients and the company itself; Research of new technologies relevant to e-commerce industry and mapping Java Objects directly to Oracle8/8i objects via JDBC2.


  • 2000 3COM Parallel Provides educational corporations with an application that enables them to search, view and download educational contents in order to create and schedule lessons and presentations to students.
  • 2000 Feedback Forum Provides an application that registers and keep track of issues and ideas reported by employees of the company.


Java, Java Server Pages, Oracle8/8i, FrontPage in order to generate HTML/DHTML and contents of JSP pages; Rational Rose according to the Unified Modeling Language (UML) as case tool for use cases, classes, components, collaborations and other general diagrams; Windows 95/98 and Windows NT platform.


[ Brasilia, DF, Brazil ]


Design, and creation of pages for the Intranet; Analysis, design, and implementation of Client/Server systems; Development of applications of multi-purpose mailing system for the Internet platform; Modeling and controlling the whole life cycle of hybrid mail applications using object oriented technology; Design, implementation and management of local network on Windows NT operational system to evaluate integrated packages of Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) and define technical requirements in order to purchase the best product based on the Brazilian Postal Service functional demand.


  • 1999 Corporate Solution – Letter, Telegram and Fax via Internet to CorporationsProvides large corporations with an application that enables them to send letters, telegrams and fax to the Brazilian Postal Service via the Internet. The Brazilian Postal Service provides the printing and the delivery.
  • 1998 TeleManager – Internet Letter, Telegram and Fax ControlProvides the Brazilian Postal Service Commercial Directorate with statistics and billing information on the services provided via the Internet to different corporations.
  • 1998 CCC - Check Control of CorreiosThis system registers checks in every step of their life cycle (selling, payment, theft, and canceling) from all post office agencies.


SQL Server 7.0 and Access as databases; Java and Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 as programming languages; Crystal Report; FrontPage in order to generate HTML/DHTML and contents of ASP pages; Java Script; Rational Rose according to the Unified Modeling Language (UML) as case tool for use cases, classes, components, collaborations and other general diagrams; Windows 95/98 and Windows NT platform; Image Composer as well as Corel Photo Paint to create simple logos, images and banners.


[ Brasilia, DF, Brazil ]


Analysis, Design and Implementation of Client/Server Systems; Development for graphical environment , with Windows pattern; System Quality Control, Tests and User Training.


  • 1997 PES – Human Resources – Allows registering employees, their dependents and various types of information such as position, function, post, leaves, etc.
  • 1996 CONDOC – Document ControlThis system is specific for the General Secretariat and the Presidency. It registers and controls the ways all documents are either received or sent by organizations.


DB2/AS 400, Access, Visual Basic 4.0(16/32 bits), Visual Basic 5.0 and Crystal Report.


1985 – 1997 – SERPRO
Development Company for the IRS of Brazil
[ Brasilia, DF, Brazil ]


Analysis, Design and Implementation of Client/Server System; Project management activities such as estimating, planning work, and scheduling tasks; System Quality Control, Tests and User Training; Project, Design, Implementation and Management of Local Windows NT Network.


  • 1995 CSS – Systems Development Control for the Treasury Secretariat

    Allows registering and controlling of all systems developed by SERPRO to the Treasury Secretariat. It provides general consultations and statistics of the systems billing.

  • 1994 GRACO – Great Contributors

Allows registering and controlling of information by The Treasury Secretariat from the country’s 3,000 largest companies concerning their economic activities to automatically calculate their taxes due.

  • 1991 Travelling Control System

    Provides various kinds of controls to the Treasury Secretariat personnel who are traveling for business purpose.


Access and SQL Server 6.5, Visual Basic 3.0/4.0, Crystal Report, Ingres/4GL/Vision as case tool., Oracle, Natural/Adabas, MUMPS; Experience with Unix,   and Windows NT Operational Systems.


 E D U C A T I O N    Top
 O T H E R   I N T E R E S T S   A N D    A C T V I T I E S    Top

I like to dedicate part of my free time running a WEB site for the benefit and improvement of kids education. The main idea is to create eduactional softwares integrated with databases where kids can insert, update and delete their own information. These softwares are also integrated with other applications like MS WORD, MS POWER POINT and others, in order to introduce kids to these softwares too.  


Some Educational Softwares Examples:

Castro Alves - Brazilian Literature Flags and Countries
Learning With Stamps Creating Your Own Dictionary


  L A N G U A G E S    Top
- Portuguese - Mother Tongue (Brazilian Citizenship) - English - Good Command of All Skills
- Italian - Medium Knowledge  (Italian Citizenship) - Spanish - Medium Knowledge


 S O F T W A R E S   P R O D U C E D     I N   C D - R O M    Top


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