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"Chair in Window" 
watercolor, 8x11, 1982

I started learning to paint in the early 80's.  This was my second painting. I have long admired the paintings of Andrew Wyeth.  I copied a portion of one of his paintings for this one.  I picked a part I thought I could handle.  There are lots of flaws but hey, I was just starting out.
Vase of Flowers
watercolor 8x11, 1982

That chair picture took me two weeks to do.  For my next project, I wanted something very fast and "wet" looking.  I found this little project in a watercolor how-to book.  It took me only 20 minutes.
"Boats in Dock"
watercolor, 18x24, 1997

I didn't paint much at all for a number of years.  Then one day three friends and I planned this tea party/art show/musical performance. We invited about 25 friends who had a family member who is an artist and displayed their artwork.  I was the art director.  We displayed about 150 pieces of artwork!  My friend Cameron was the food director... she had lots of beautiful foods served in beautiful dishes and 3 kinds of English tea in wonderful old teapots.   Other friends, Catherine and Kanoa, were the entertainment directors.  They arranged performances by several singers, dancers, musicians.  It was the most fun gathering! 

For the art show, I copied this painting from a book.  I learned a lot in the process.  Some day I will be brave enough to do my own compositions!



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Finally... something new to add to this page! 

This is a greeting card of mixed media (ink and watercolor).  The picture is drawn exclusively with dots of ink, a method called stippling.  I suppose this could be considered a simplified type of pointilism.

Hopefully, I'll have more card-art to post in the near future.

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