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Mastering SignMaker

I've just uploaded the first screenshots of my proposed Interstate 505 interchange at I-5 in Tacoma, just south of Seattle. If you may remember, I-505 is basically an upgrade of the existing WA 16 and WA 3 freeways, and it will run for 47 miles from Tacoma to Poulsbo via Bremerton. Refer to the I-505 page on my website for more information. This is how you save signs from the SignMaker site:

1. Hit the Print Screen button. On most computers, it's the first button in a group of three, to the right of the F12 key. It will save an image to the Clipboard on your hard drive.

2. Now that you have the image pasted onto your Clipboard, go to any image-editing program, such as Paint, and click on the Paste command from the Edit menu. From there, you can make the necessary changes to your signs (and it's strongly recommended that you do so!). You can cut out any unwanted parts of your images, including the extra blue space below the signs, and once you've done that, you can save your images. Give the signs a unique name that will signify what the images are about.

3. For two examples of these, you can refer to the two images I created for I-5's interchange with the proposed I-505. Notice that there is no shield for WA 16, as that part of the highway has been decommissioned in favor of the new interstate (although the surface part of WA 16 does remain). Click on either of the two links below to view the examples:
a. To view the signs for northbound traffic (headed towards Seattle), click here.
b. To view the signs for southbound traffic (headed towards Portland), click here.

Now that you've gotten the hang of it, you can create millions of different signs for your various fictional freeway corridors. I'm sure that there'll be more websites coming very, very soon that are composed entirely of signs for these corridors, so keep your eyes peeled for that. They're already working on it as we speak.

Special thanks goes out to Scott Kurumi for creating such a terrific site!

2007-08-20 20:18:20 GMT
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Thanks so much for the advice! I've just created SignMaker images for the upcoming I-73 and I-74 corridors in North Carolina. You can find them in the Files section of the group "Interstates-73-and-74" (http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/interstates-73-and-74). I'm sure that there'll be even more sites using the SignMaker images. I can hardly wait to see them!
2007-08-26 12:36:43 GMT

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