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Las Vegas Recap

Jennifer, Ashley and I had a wonderful time in fabulous Las Vegas last week! We toured the Strip, admiring the bright lights of the casinos that line the city's main thoroughfare. I took Ashley to the Hoover Dam, and we spent some quality father-daughter time as we toured the dam and watched the water cascade down from the observation deck. But the main reason we went to Vegas was to celebrate my 15th wedding anniversary. I bought a dozen roses for Jennifer, and then treated her to a special anniversary dinner. The night ended with a playing of our old wedding video. It collects dust every now and then, but I still play it annually to remind me of the wonderful time Jennifer and I had. Now that I'm back home in Seattle, I can tell you all about my week in Vegas, and you can read it right here. Needless to say, Ashley is a roadgeek-in-training, and I hope she carries on the family tradition of roadtripping, which I inherited from my father, who still lives in Chicago. Soon, Ashley will be starting eighth grade, and before we know it, she'll be 16 and driving around in her own nice car. I'll be sure to go car shopping with her. I have plans to drive up to Vancouver for the Labor Day weekend. Check back in for some highlights from that trip! By the way, Jennifer and I are planning to spend our 20th wedding anniversary in Vegas in 2012. I can't hardly wait!

2007-08-13 13:37:18 GMT

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