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15th Anniversary Road Trip to Vegas

To celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary, Jennifer and I plan to drive to Las Vegas this coming Saturday. We will be there all week next week, taking in the sights and sounds of Vegas. We're planning to tour the Strip, and possibly see Hoover Dam. Ashley has said that she's always wanted to see Hoover Dam, and this is the perfect opportunity for her to do so. Also, there'll be a special dinner a week from tonight to celebrate our 15 years of wedded bliss. I still remember that day like it was yesterday: August 8, 1992, when Jennifer and I eloped with some of our closest friends to Vegas to get married. I had proposed to her at Yellowstone the previous year (in front of Old Faithful), and she accepted. I met Jennifer on my first day at UCLA, and we've been inseparable ever since. The only regret I have about my wedding day is that neither one of us had our relatives there, and now we wish we had, like Jeff did when he got married last month. After seven years of living in Seattle, I now realize that the one thing I miss most about L.A. is being able to drive to Vegas and back in one day. You can also drive from L.A. to San Diego and back, which is what I did while still living in L.A., since Jennifer is originally from San Diego. On the other hand, a large portion of my family lives in Chicago, including my cousin Jessica. I can't wait to take that road trip to Vegas. I'll recap the week in a later post...By the way, we're planning to return on the following Sunday, and I will post the highlights as soon as I get back to Seattle. Be sure to look for it then!

2007-08-01 13:11:15 GMT

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