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Denver Recap

I've just returned home after spending a very special week in Denver. We spent the week at Jeff's apartment, and we went to see the fireworks display on the Fourth. It's a very cool thing to see the fireworks shooting over the Rocky Mountains. (Here in Seattle, they shoot them off the Space Needle with a spectacular view of Mount Rainier.) The next night, we held spearate bachelor and bachelorette parties for Jeff and Alicia. I accompanied Jeff to his party, while Jennifer and Ashley attended Alicia's own.

Which brings us to the big event of the week: Jeff and Alicia's wedding. We had a fabulous time, and I had tears in my eyes as I watched my younger brother tie the knot. For some reason, I always hoped he would follow in my footsteps and find someone who would make him happy the way Jennifer makes me, and apparently, he's found it because she loves him very dearly. After the wedding, there was the reception, and my cousin Jessica showed up with her new boyfriend. I hear he's a nice guy, and Jessica told me that someday she could find happiness the way Jeff and I have. No wonder she's now using us as her role models! I also made a toast to my brother, and couldn't stop bragging about how proud I was that he finally got married! Even Alicia's parents love him, and they want to make sure he takes care of her for the rest of his life. I assured them that he will.

After a honeymoon in Hawaii, Jeff and Alicia will spend their newlywed lives in Denver. I can't wait to see what's next for them. If they ever have a child of their own, I hope that he or she grows to be smart and beautiful as my Ashley already has.

Once again, congratulations, Jeff and Alicia, and good luck on your married lives!

2007-07-09 17:54:59 GMT

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