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Denver Week

I've just arrived in Denver with my wife and daughter, and we're planning to stay at Jeff's apartment. We have a long and exciting week ahead of us. On the Fourth, we'll see the fireworks display over downtown Denver with Jeff and his fiancee. On the day after, he will throw a bachelor party, to which I am invited, while Jennifer and Ashley will go to his wife's bachelorette party. And next Saturday, 7/7/07, will be the day that Jeff gets married! I can't tell you how happy I am for him, because he's my brother, and I always hoped he would find the same happiness that I did. Now that he’s found it, I wish him lots of happiness, and I hope he is as happily married as I am for a very, very long time (Jennifer and I will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary this year, with a trip to Las Vegas). The major difference between his wedding and mine is that I got married in a Vegas wedding chapel and tried to invite Jeff and my parents, who were shocked beyond belief, but are now happy with the fact that I married a great woman in Jennifer, and he will get married in a traditional church wedding, to which our parents will definitely come. I still remember telling Jeff not to do what I did, and he took that advice to heart, because he's now thanking me for it! I'm already looking forward to spending our first Christmas together with our wives. I don't care if it's in Chicago, Denver or Seattle, as long as we're all together. By the way, I hear my cousin back in Chicago has a new boyfriend, and she's bringing him to the wedding, but that's all I can tell you now. Anyway, expect an update next week from our Denver trip. I shall write it as soon as I get back to Seattle. So that being said, Happy Fourth of July, and I wish Jeff good luck in his marriage!

2007-06-30 20:50:37 GMT

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