On the Road with Henry
From Chicago to L.A. to Seattle...and wherever.
Back in Seattle

Just got back from Chicago after another exciting Memorial Day weekend...It's unbelievable, the way those gas prices keep zooming up with each passing day. Because my Tahoe is being slammed by environmentalists as a gas-guzzler (the curse of all large SUV's), we've taken my wife's Ford Five Hundred on long roadtrips like the one we just took. The main advantage of the Five Hundred is that it's just as large, plus it's way better on gas than the Tahoe. So, in protest of soaring gas prices, we'll continue to drive the Five Hundred, at least until I sell my beloved Tahoe, LOL! Heck, I may have to do that, as much as I hate to admit it.

There'll be more road trips to tell you about in the near future, so check back in often. And Jennifer and I are celebrating 15 years of wedded bliss this year! We may go back to Las Vegas, because that's where we got married. More on that later...

2007-05-30 10:00:04 GMT

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