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Crazy for Europe!
OK, I've never been to Europe, not even once in my life, and I've always wondered how the roads are over there. That is, until I discovered one of the most interesting YouTube channels, which can be found at www.youtube.com/user/aswchris. The person running this intriguing channel, aswchris, has been filming highways in Germany, France and the Netherlands, to name a few, and like many other roadgeeks that I've met through YouTube, he sets just about all of his videos to music. In a way, I compare him to Freewayjim, whose videos I enjoy thoroughly from beginning to end. Since my last post, I've added a few more playlists, and now I'm up to 34 playlists, most of which contain driving clips set to music. After watching a few clips from aswchris' channel, I've decided that I like them so much that I might spend a vacation there. I distinctly remember as a child that I've always wanted to go to Europe, and my father once told me, "Don't worry, son, you will." And I intend to fulfill that dream, so I might plan a big European tour this summer when Ashley's out of school. The thing is, it is one of the very few remaining things I'd like to do by the time I turn 40 (in 2010), and I'm leaning towards doing it. And don't worry, if I have my way, my European vacation will be nothing like Chevy Chase's (yes, I first got hooked on roadgeeking while watching the National Lampoon Vacation series). If and when I get the chance, I'll blog about it in the future. But for now, Ciao, Adios, Au Revoir, and all that other stuff.
2009-05-08 05:11:25 GMT

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