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More YouTube Playlists
I've added 27 playlists to my YouTube page, and most of them have driving videos. In addition, a lot of these clips are set to music, and are run at up to 20x speed. I recently saw two clips of a roadtrip from Seattle to Portland, and the whole thing was done in 17 minutes. The return trip went 20 minutes long, and it also had two parts. Granted, Portland is actually a 2 1/2-3 hour drive from Seattle, because I've passed through it many times on my way into California. Most of my favorite clips come from Freewayjim, who always sets his clips to music, and runs a sped-up roadtrip in the process. However, one playlist has clips that are not related to driving in any way: There's another user named "taylorrick" who has a fictional radio station called KAMP (88.1 FM). Ten promos for the station are available on YouTube, and they depict the following years in chronological order: 1963, 1974, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1993, and 1996. Lots of humor are featured in these clips, and they always end with the station's motto: "Five formats an hour guaranteed!" Obviously, KAMP is very similar to the real-life Jack FM stations across the U.S. and Canada (including the one operating at 96.5 in Seattle), but with far more variety that runs the gamut from country to disco to hip-hop, and everything else. In the future, I may add new playlists filled exclusively with driving music videos, as well as virtual cruises of various highways around the world, both real and fictional. For now, enjoy the clips, and expect another update from me soon!
2009-01-09 16:13:30 GMT

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