On the Road with Henry
From Chicago to L.A. to Seattle...and wherever.
New YouTube Channel!

Today, I debuted my YouTube channel. The URL for it is http://www.youtube.com/user/HenryEWatson, and in the coming weeks, I will make playlists of my favorite driving videos. For now, my first playlist has driving video games, such as 18 Wheeler: Pro Trucker, Cruis'n USA, OutRun and Rad Racer. Eventually I will include roadtrips and even cruises of fictional highways, but for now, come check out my new profile, which has a rather neat collage of the famous landmarks of all three cities that I've lived in (Sears Tower in Chicago, the Hollywood sign near Los Angeles, and the Seattle Space Needle). Look for more updates from me soon, and I'll tell you about it in my blog when I get the chance.

2009-01-08 18:45:16 GMT

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